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Message from Dean Sandra G. Yee

In 2010, I began my 10th year as the dean of the Wayne State University Library System. In one decade, I've seen many positive strides forward and many great ideas come to fruition. The Library System underwent a major reorganization from a building-centric structure to a service-based structure. We've seen the Library and Information Science Program evolve into the School of Library and Information Science, with a full online program and a steadily rising enrollment rate with over 600 students last year alone. Our website and access to electronic resources have become more robust as we've worked to anticipate the growing need for electronic information. Thanks to our wonderful faculty and staff, we've created a Library System that offers online resources and mobile website accessibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week from almost any location.

Looking at just the past year, we see progress on many fronts, but especially in continuing to connect with our users. While the future is mobile, we also understand the demand for physical spaces, and we reached out to meet our students' needs by working with the Student Senate and the provost to keep the Undergraduate Library open continuously during the week.

We've strengthened our relationships with faculty through our library liaisons. Last year, the liaisons worked intimately with faculty in departments across campus to better align our resources through the journal review process. The liaisons continue to reach out through instruction and reference and are also are making excellent contacts through the web, Blackboard and LibGuides.

Looking forward, we see growth potential while looking strategically at how we meet the new demands for more access, both electronically and physically. I want to thank our staff, faculty, students, alumni, friends and supporters who are committed to the Library System. I look forward to working together with you to make our libraries even better!

Dean Sandray G. Yee (Signature)

Dean Sandra G. Yee