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WSU Campus-Wide Information Service Disclaimers

General Disclaimer

The information available through the WSU Campus-Wide Information Service is provided by many different people and resides on more than fifty different computers (servers) in various University offices. Because there is no central management or review of this information, the University cannot guarantee that it always will be accurate and up to date. Similarly, because there is no monitoring or censorship of departmental servers, it is possible that some readers may encounter documents that they may consider offensive or inappropriate.

Disclaimer of Liability

With respect to documents available through this Campus Wide Information Service, Wayne State University assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided by this service. The University does not represent that any use, copying, or redistribution of this information would not infringe on privately-held rights.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

Reference on this Campus Wide Information Service to any specific commercial product, process or service by trade name, trade mark, manufacturer, or other reference, does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favor by Wayne State University. The views and opinions expressed in documents available through the Campus Wide Information Service do not necessarily state or reflect those of Wayne State University as an institution, and may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.

WSU Shiffman Medical Library Disclaimer

The Wayne State University Shiffman Medical Library is a resource center that provides medical and health information to the public for information purposes only. The Shiffman Medical Library (including its employees, agents and officers) does not render professional medical advice, medical services or engage in the practice of medicine in any way. The Shiffman Medical Library, its Community Health Information Services and the Detroit Community AIDS Library do not endorse or recommend any health care practices, products or providers, medical treatments or other information that is contained in the material that they disseminate. Further, the Shiffman Medical Library does not make any representation, warranty or claim that the information provided is current or accurate. As a result, the Shiffman Medical Library is not responsible or liable in any way for the personal use or interpretation of the information that it provides. The Shiffman Medical Library is also not responsible for any errors or omissions in the resources or information available through it.

DO NOT ACT OR RELY upon any of the resources and information available from the library without first seeking professional medical advice. All medical decisions should be made in consultation with a certified or licensed health care provider.