It is the responsibility of WSU faculty, staff and students to comply with university and Library System policies at all times. We encourage you to browse the links here to become familiar with the policies and procedures that apply to you.

Resource Policies

Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
Understand what you can and cannot do with the Library System's electronic resources.
Borrowing Privileges
Who can borrow and for how long, as well as information about borrowing privileges you may have at other libraries.

Service Policies

Library Tours and Instruction for Non-University Student Groups
Policies applying to requests for tours and library instruction sessions from high school and community college classes.

Data Collection Policies

Privacy Policy
Learn how the Library values and protects your privacy, and what we are doing to uphold our privacy values.
Human Subjects Research
Learn when and how Library public space may be used by researchers in investigations involving library users

Giving Policies

Financial Donations
Instructions for making financial donations to the Libraries.
Conditions of acceptance for donations of materials to Libraries.

University Policies

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
A guide for students, faculty and staff in the acceptable use of computer systems, networks, and other information technology resources at Wayne State University.

Copyright Policies

Digital Media Copyright Guidelines
Copyright Guidelines for Posting Documents to Blackboard
Fair and legal best practices for Faculty & Staff for adhering to copyright regulations when using digital media or posting documents to Blackboard.

Building Policies

Standards of Behavior
What the Library System considers to be acceptable noise levels, food/beverages, and use of computers and facilities. Includes directives on smoking.
Safety & Security Policies and Procedures Manual
Procedures for medical, facility and weather emergencies, building exit maps, and safety tips.
Due Process Policy
How we handle violations of the WSU Student Code of Conduct or our Standards of Behavior.
Policy on Filming and Photography
Understand the conditions under which Library space can be used for filming, video production, and still photography.
Policy on Posting Flyers, Posters, and Donation Boxes in the Libraries
Guidelines and conditions for promotional signage and items in the Library.
Food and Drink Policy
The Food and Drink Policy is intended to help preserve our library resources and maintain a pleasant environment for our patrons and staff.