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While the incidence of serious crime is low both on campus and in the libraries, we all need to be sensitive to the fact that we are located in a busy urban environment that is open to the public many hours each week, and that we are part of a large university community where thousands of people live, work, and go to school every day. To be responsible members of this community, as well as to protect our patrons, materials, and facilities, we must all share responsibility for safety and security.

Library safety and security cover a wide range of concerns, from dealing with lost and found items to more serious incidents such as theft and assault. These Web page have been developed to provide patrons with more information about library policies and procedures related to security, as well as to outline their rights and responsibilities regarding security issues. Procedures outline steps that all patrons and staff should know and understand. If you come across errors in the manual, please notify the staff at the Access Services desks, who will forward the information, or forward information directly to the Director of Access Services.


Office of the Dean
Sandra Yee

How To Use This Manual

The Wayne State University Library System Safety and Security Policies and Procedures Manual is a subset of the overall Library System Policies and Procedures. This manual is intended for use by the WSU library community, including staff, faculty, students and guests. Some sensitive information, such as opening or closing procedures, is available to staff only on the library system intranet.

Entries are arranged alphabetically within five categories - general, conduct, facility, weather and other. Additionally, there are links to campus-wide resources and policies. Entries can be accessed thru the Table of Contents Menu located on the right-side of your screen.

Most policies are broken down into two main sections, one of which contains general library system-wide instructions or information, and a second detailing building-specific procedures, if applicable.

This manual will be reviewed on a regular basis. Questions or concerns can be directed to the Manager of Access Services, Mike Hawthorne

Emergency Telephone Numbers


Emergency Response Team Contact Information

David Adamany Undergraduate Library
Law Library - Under development.
Oakland Center Library - Part of Oakland Center plan.
Purdy/Kresge Library
Science and Engineering Library
Shiffman Medical Library - Under development.

General Issues

Facility Crisis


Other Emergency Situations

Campus Resources for Personal Safety

WSU Counseling and Phychological Services
WSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety
WSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety - Emergency and Safety Procedures (FlipChart)
WSU Police Department
WSPD Safety Tips


WSU Policies

Wayne State University Policy Severe Weather Closures
Wayne State University Policy on Sexual Assault
Wayne State University Policy on Workplace Violence
Wayne State University Statute on Sexual Harassment

Glossary of Terms

CPR - Cardio-Pulmonary Resusitation
DALNET - Detroit Area Library NETwork
DPS - Department of Public Safety
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
ILL - InterLibrary Loan
LCMS - Library Computing and Media Services
LISP - Library and Information Science Program
LRC - Learning Resources Center
OTL - Office of Teaching and Learning
P/K - Purdy/Kresge Library
SEL - Science and Engineering Library
UGL - David Adamany Undergraduate Library
WSU - Wayne State University
WSULS - Wayne State University Library System