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Library System
Contact Information

Dr. Sandra Yee, Dean

Dr. Sharon Phillips, Associate Dean, University Libraries

Dr. Stephen Bajjaly, Associate Dean/Director of the School of Library and Information Science


Name Email Phone
Carlton, Marguerite ae8206 (313) 577-2822
Carter, Eugene am1323 (313) 577-4014
Charbonneau, Deborah ao8245 (888) 497-8754 x709
Chinery, Kristen ac9538 (313) 577-8377
Clark, Rachael av1891 (313) 577-6709
Clemens, Elizabeth ag5489 (313) 577-1663
Conner, Rachel ab4212 (313) 577-6308
Courtney, Meghan fq8785 (313) 577-0147