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Library System
Contact Information

Dr. Sandra Yee, Dean

Dr. Sharon Phillips, Associate Dean, University Libraries

Dr. Stephen Bajjaly, Associate Dean/Director of the School of Library and Information Science


Name Email Phone
Samson, Michael ad4092 (313) 577-6184
Sarkozy, Alexandra ff2662 (313) 577-8672
Schmeling, Kathleen ad0800 (313) 577-2762
Sherif, Negib aa8288 (313) 577-8693
Steffani, Charlotte ac7316 (313) 577-1374
Strassel, Gavin as8856 (313) 577-0199
Swenskowski, Nancy dx1451 (313) 577-5964
Sybeldon, Diane ac7255 (313) 577-4480