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  • ABI World With more than 11,000 members, the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) is the largest multi-disciplinary, non-partisan organization dedicated to research and education on matters related to insolvency. Founded in 1982 to provide Congress and the public with unbiased analysis of bankruptcy issues, ABI is the premier professional organization in the field. Members span the entire spectrum of professionals and include attorneys, accountants, auctioneers, judges, lenders, academics, turnaround specialists, credit professionals and many others. (Access restricted to the computers in the law library)
  • Abstracts in Anthropology Off-campus access login required Abstracts in Anthropology covers a broad spectrum of significant, current anthropological topics from a vast number of periodicals. Several thousand abstracts, selected and classified, fully indexed by author and subject, provide a thorough coverage of anthropological scholarship in Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, and Linguistics.
  • Abstracts in social gerontology (Ebscohost) Off-campus access login required Licensed for retired faculty Abstracts in Social Gerontology includes bibliographic records covering essential areas related to social gerontology, including the psychology of aging, elder abuse, society and the elderly, and other areas of key relevance to the discipline.
  • Academic Onefile (Gale) Off-campus access login required Academic OneFile contains peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources. With coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects. With millions of articles available in both PDF and HTML full-text with no restrictions, researchers are able to find accurate information quickly. Includes full-text coverage of the New York Times back to 1995.
  • AccessAnesthesiology (McGraw Hill) Off-campus access login required Licensed for retired faculty In AccessAnesthesiology, physicians and residents can access a compendium of medical resources, including exclusive procedural videos, Custom Curriculum, and power search functionality, blended seamlessly with tables and charts designed for quick reference. Backed by an esteemed advisory board, AccessAnesthesiology offers multiple tools for resident education and certification/recertification in pain managements, critical care, and perioperative medicine.
  • AccessMedicine Off-campus access login required A repository of medical knowledge from internal medicine, cardiology, genetics, pharmacy, diagnosis and management, basic sciences, patient care, and more. Continuously expanding, all databases in the repository contain the latest editions of selected medical titles.
  • AccessPharmacy (AccessPharmacy) Off-campus access login required AccessPHARMACY: Users can search over 20 core curriculum textbooks, identify a core topic, or browse site by organ system. Case studies, care plans, self-assessments and NAPLEX review help students develop and track key skills providing critical feedback for students and teachers. Other features include information on clinical relevance and lab tests, comprehensive drug database, news & updates from Pharmacotherapy News Network (PNN) and Goodman & Gilmans Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics.
  • AccessSurgery ( McGraw-Hill) Off-campus access login required McGraw-Hill's is an integrated online resource that provides medical students, surgical residents, and practicing surgeons with quick answers to surgical inquiries from trusted sources. Organized around the ACGME's (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) mandate for a Core Curriculum, AccessSurgery delivers content in context.
  • ACM Digital Library Off-campus access login required This site provides subscribers with access to ACM journals and magazines, as well as conference proceedings.
  • ACP Pier: The physicians' information and education resource (STATRef) Off-campus access login required PIER is evidence-based clinical guidance presented electronically in a unique layered and telegraphic format. It is designed for rapid access to clinical information at the point of care. PIER includes recommendations based on all levels of medical evidence including RCTs, cohort and observational studies, case reports, and expert opinion.
  • ACS Publications Off-campus access login required This web page provides access to the electronic full-text of the over 30 titles published (or co-published) by ACS. Select either Journals and magazines or Search the journals to get to the list of titles available.
  • African American Experience (ABC-CLIO) Off-campus access login required An online collection on African American life, The African American Experience is an electronic research tool for African American history and culture. The two primary goals: to provide rock-solid information from authorities in the field, and to allow African Americans to speak for themselves through a wealth of primary sources. Designed under the guidance of leading librarians, this database gives voice to the black experience from its African origins to the present day.
  • African American Newspapers, 1827-1998
  • AGRICOLA Accesses the National Agricultural Library's Online Public Access Catalog and Journal Article Citation Index (AGRICOLA).
  • AIDSinfo AIDSinfo is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) project providing information on HIV/AIDS clinical trials and treatment. It is the result of merging two previous DHHS projects: The AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service (ACTIS) and the HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service (ATIS). It is a central resource for current information on federally and privately funded clinical trials for AIDS patients and others infected with HIV.
  • Alcohol studies database Provides access to a database of over 50,000 citations for journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, conference papers, and audio-visual materials.
  • AMA DoctorFinder Site provides demographic and professional information on individual physicians in the United States and its possessions, including doctors of osteopathy or osteopathic medicine (DO).
  • America: history and life (EbscoHost) Off-campus access login required Licensed for retired faculty Online version of: America: history and life. Includes full-text of hundreds of journals originally published in paper.
  • American Bankruptcy Institute With more than 11,000 members, the ABI is the largest multi-disciplinary, non-partisan organization dedicated to research and education on matters related to insolvency. Founded in 1982 to provide Congress and the public with unbiased analysis of bankruptcy issues, ABI is the premier professional organization in the field. Members include attorneys, accountants, auctioneers, judges, lenders, academics, turnaround specialists, credit professionals and many others. (Access restricted to the computers in the law library)
  • American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EbscoHost) Off-campus access login required Licensed for retired faculty American Bibliography of Slavic & Eastern European Studies (ABSEES), produced by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, provides information on East-Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. Coverage for ABSEES ranges from 1990-present.
  • American Chemical Society Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) SciFinder provides access to CAplus, a database of chemical literature as well as U.S. and foreign chemical-related patents. It includes journal articles, book chapters, patents, conference proceedings, technical reports, and dissertations indexed in Chemical Abstracts since 1907. SciFinder also provides access to databases of chemical substances, chemical reactions, chemical suppliers and regulatory information. (WSU AccessID and email password login required)
  • American community survey Provides estimates of housing, social, and economic characteristics. Issue for 1996 reports data from a limited number of sample sites sample sites will be increased every year until future issues report data for all states, as well as for cities, counties, metropolitan areas, and various population groups data presentation may be customized for viewing and saving.
  • American Indian Experience (ABC-CLIO) Off-campus access login required The American Indian Experience offers access to an online library, featuring more than 150 volumes of scholarship and reference content, hundreds of primary documents, and thousands of images. From Pre-contact to the present day, from the Inuit of the north to the Seminoles of Florida, AIE is meant for anyone wishing to learn more about America's Native Peoples.
  • American Mosaic online resource (ABC-CLIO) Off-campus access login required Wide-ranging and easy to use, LAE is the first full-text database focusing on the history and culture of Latinos living in the United States. Its content spans from the pre-Columbian Indigenous civilizations of the Americas, through the Spanish and Mexican settlement of much of what is now the United States, to the triumphs and challenges facing present-day U.S. Latinos.
  • American Osteopathic Association D.O. database This database is an online reference source of membership information on the associationsʼ doctors of osteopathy.
  • American periodicals series online, 1740-1900 (ProQuest) Off-campus access login required Licensed for retired faculty Consists of digitized reproductions of more than 1,100 eighteenth and nineteenth century newspapers and periodicals in the original microfilm reproduction series, American periodical series, I, II, and III. When completed in 2003, this database will have more than 7,000,000 pages of full text periodicals.
  • American society for microbiology journals Off-campus access login required Features information about journals published by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM). Explains that the journals cover the spectrum of microbiology. Offers subscription details for individual journals and outlines submissions requirements for prospective authors. Links to full-text versions of the journals.
  • Amica Art Library (Cartography Associates) Off-campus access login required The AMICA Library contains works of art from the collections of prominent museums worldwide. Cultures and time periods range from contemporary art, Native American and Inuit art, to ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian works, along with Japanese and Chinese works. Types of works include paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and photographs, as well as textiles, costumes, jewelry, decorative art, books and manuscripts. This is a subscription based collection.
  • Année philologique on the Internet (Cornell) Off-campus access login required A database published by the Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique, under the direction of Éric Rebillard, with the American Philological Association and the Database of Classical Bibliography, Dee L. Clayman, General Editor, with the support of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France) et du National Endowment for Humanities (USA). 600,000 bibliographic records for the years 1949 to 2004, with 12,500 new records added each year.
  • AnthroSource ( American Anthropological Association) Off-campus access login required AnthroSource is an online portal serving the research, teaching and practicing needs of anthropologists. An online service of the American Anthropological Association, AnthroSource offers access to more than 100 years of anthropological knowledge.
  • AP Images Off-campus access login required The Photo Archive features state, regional and national photos from North America, as well as ... international photos all available moments after they move on the AP's spot picture system. An average of 800 photos a day feed into the Photo Archive, and remain there for a minimum of one year. Specially trained indexers select the best 200 or so photos each day to save for all time, while the remainder are eliminated from the Photo Archive after 12 months. (*delete your cache files* before entering the new site *For Mac Users* - AP Images is compatible with Mac OS 10 only (not 9.0) and you must have the latest version of Safari browser. It also works with FireFox browser for Mac.)
  • Art Abstracts (Wilson) Off-campus access login required Covers more than 250 key international, English-language arts publications, includes periodicals, yearbooks, museum bulletins, competition and award notices, exhibition listings, interviews, film reviews, and so forth.
  • Art bibliographies modern (ProQuest) Off-campus access login required Licensed for retired faculty Modern and contemporary art, photography and design
  • Art images for college teaching Off-campus access login required AICT is a royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community.
  • Art Index Retrospective (Wilson) Off-campus access login required Covers 55 years of art journalism. Besides periodicals, users have access to data from important yearbooks and select museum bulletins. The Index helps users find contemporary art criticism at the time of its debut, track the body of work of an artist or movement, and find artist interviews and other commentary. Includes sources published in English as well as French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch.
  • Artcyclopedia An index of artists, image archives, links form well-known artists and other online resources.
  • ARTFL project, University of Chicago Off-campus access login required Full-text retrieval databases of classical French writings, reference resources, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodicals, pamphlets, and ARTFL newsletters. Databases include literary works, political tracts, philosophical writings, and technical treatises. Coverage starts with 12th century.
  • ArticleFirst (FirstSearch) Off-campus access login required Contains bibliographic citations that describe items listed on the table of contents pages of more than 13,000 journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture.
  • Arts & humanities citation index (ISI) Off-campus access login required Arts & Humanities Citation Index is a multidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of the arts and humanities. It fully covers 1,144 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals, and it indexes individually selected, relevant items from over 6,800 major science and social science journals.
  • e-Print archive arXiv is an e-print service in the fields of physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, and quantitative biology.
  • ASCE civil engineering database (ASCE) Off-campus access login required A searchable database of citations and abstracts for ASCE documents published since 1973. It provides access to all the journals, conference proceedings, books, standards, manuals, magazines, and newsletter. Subject areas include aerospace, earthquake, environmental, forensic, geotechnical, structural and architectural engineering, bridges, cold regions, computer practices, construction, engineering mechanics, highways, hydrology, hydraulics, irrigation and drainage, transportation, urban planning, water resources, and waterway, port, coastal and ocean engineering. Also includes ASCE Market Place Computer Software Buyer's Guide.
  • ASCE Publications Off-campus access login required ASCE is the world's largest publisher of civil engineering information. Includes a searchable database and access to individual journal titles published by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It also includes new, author's guides, etc.
  • Associations Unlimited (Gale) Off-campus access login required Information about associations and professional societies, listings for nonprofit membership organizations of U.S. national, regional, state, and local, or international scope in addition to 144,000 listings of the Encyclopedia of associations (EA) series, nearly 300,000 additional nonprofit organizations have been added to this database.
  • ASTM Digital Library (ASTM) Off-campus access login required The ASTM Standards and Engineering Digital Library is a vast collection of industry-leading standards and technical engineering information. The Library covers a broad range of engineering disciplines, including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science, and solar engineering.
  • AudioCaseFiles (Courtroom Connect, Inc. (CCI)) The Courtroom View Network (CVN) Law School page is the home of Audio Case Files, offering downloadable MP3 files of edited judicial opinions, along with full text of the edited opinion, a brief fact summary, and the rule of law. Browse by subject or casebook. Access restricted to law students, law faculty and law library staff; registration required. (Access restricted to law students and law faculty via online registration using the WSU Law School e-mail.)