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  • Jainism Presents a directory of Web sites related to Jainism, a religion that originated in India. Provides access to pilgrimage information, images and texts, and Jain history resources. Offers access to glossaries, association home pages, and e-mail discussion areas. Includes links to songs, prayers, and vegetarianism information. Links to sites that examine the way other religions view Jainism.
  • JAMAevidence Fundamental tools for understanding and applying the medical literature and making clinical diagnoses.
  • Jane's Online Off-campus access login required Jane's online includes access to titles published by Jane's Information Group. Titles are grouped into separate libraries . Access depends on individual institution subscription. For WSU access see quick guide for explanation and easy access to desired content. The magazine library is under the News analysis/subchannel.
  • Japanese text initiative Collaborative project of the University of Virginia Library and the University of Pittsburgh East Asian Library to present texts of classical Japanese literature online. Texts include Manyoshu and Genjimonogatari, Japanese-English dictionaries, and a search engine.
  • Journal citation reports Off-campus access login required The Journal citation reports is an essential, comprehensive, and unique resource for journal evaluation, using citation data drawn from over 8,400 scholarly and technical journals worldwide. The Science edition contains data from roughly 5,000 journals in the areas of science and technology. To access Journal Citation Reports: from main Search Page, “Select a Database” tab then click on the Journal Citation Reports. (To access Journal Citation Reports: from main Search Page, “Select a Database” tab then click on the Journal Citation Reports.)
  • JSTOR (Arts & Sciences I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and XI Collections) (JSTOR) Off-campus access login required Licensed for retired faculty Provides image and full-text online access to back issues of selected scholarly journals in history, economics, political science, demography, mathematics, and other fields of the humanities and social sciences. WSU currently subscribes to the Arts and Sciences I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VII, IX, X and XI Collections.