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Wayne State University affiliates (defined as students, faculty, staff, and retirees) can borrow books not available at WSU libraries, from other libraries in the Detroit area. An INFOPASS is issued for the following reasons: Book not owned by the WSU Library System Book is identifed as "lost" or "missing"

How INFOPASS works:

  1. Come to a WSU library reference desk with information about the book that you require, along with your current WSU OneCard.
  2. The librarian will verify that the requested item is available from a lending library that accepts INFOPASS. (See list of participating institutions). The librarian will verify that the borrower has no outstanding holds on the borrower's library record. 3. The INFOPASS is filled out and issued by the librarian. The INFOPASS is valid for 10 days from the date of issuance. The borrower is limited to borrowing
  3. Items on one INFOPASS. (This may be further limited at the lending libraries discretion.)
  4. Proceed to the lending library, locate the book(s), and present the INFOPASS form at their circulation desk along with a current WSU OneCard.
  5. Books borrowed with an INFOPASS must be returned to the lending library, not a WSU library.

Call the lending library to inquire about INFOPASS limits or restrictions before going there. The lending library may:

limit the number of books borrowed;
charge a fee to borrow books;
require photo ID.

Students receiving an INFOPASS are responsible for adhering to all borrowing provisions of the lending library, and are liable for all fees or fines which may be incurred. Failure to return materials and/or pay all fees and fines from the lending library may result in a block on WSU borrowing privileges and/or a hold being placed on WSU academic records.

When an INFOPASS may not be issued:

  1. When the WSU library book is available on RESERVES,
  2. is for BUILDING USE ONLY,
  3. is in CLOSED or NON-CIRCULATING collections,
  4. or is in STORAGE.

If a borrower has a hold on his or her account due to overdue fines. To borrow non-book materials, like videos, from any participating library. Check with the Participating Institutions in the Reciprocal INFOPASS Agreement