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137 Old Main

Room Type: Classroom
Seating Capacity: 37
Seating Type: Chairs/Arm
Internet Connection: Yes
A/V Equipped: Yes
Echo360: Yes
(All rooms have Wireless Internet)

Hardware Specs:

Hardware Available In Cart:
AC Power Outlets
Computer (PC)
Crestron Touchscreen
USB Ports

Laptop Peripherals:
Audio Cable
Network Cable
VGA Cable *
*(MAC Users must bring in adapter)

Other Hardware:
External Speaker
LCD Monitor
Plasma Monitor

Recording Options:
Audio/Computer (Rack PC Only)

Software Specs:

Operating System:
Windows 7 SP 1

Adobe Products:
Flash Player, Reader, Shockwave

Audio/Video Players:
QuickTime Player, Real Player, Windows Media Player

Microsoft Office 2010 Suite:
Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio, Word

Internet Browsers:
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox

Misc. Applications:
AlternaTiff, Echo Podium Capture, EndNote, FileZilla, Putty, Roomview, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Windows DVD Maker