Library Instruction and Information Literacy

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Customized class sessions, online learning modules and course/assignment research guides are among some of the services we can offer. Let us help you incorporate information literacy skills into your curriculum.

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Students: Get Help with Research

Online assistance through Ask-A-Librarian, Subject Guides, Reference Tools and Learning Tools to help you find and use information efficiently and effectively to complete your research projects. Good research skills save time and improve grades!

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About Information Literacy at Wayne State University

Information literate students can effectively and efficiently find, evaluate and use appropriate information with confidence. The Wayne State University Librarians can provide instruction on accessing information efficiently and effectively, evaluating information and its sources critically and using and accessing information ethically, which are components of our larger goal of developing student skills in information literacy. An information literate person has learned how to find quality information efficiently and to use it effectively and ethically. It is a lifelong learning skill.