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Scholarly Communication@WSU

DigitalCommons@Wayne State

DigitalCommons@Wayne State is an institutional repository maintained by the WSU Library System. Its purpose is to:

  1. Provide a method of open access publication for Wayne State University faculty, staff, and graduate students and
  2. Collect, organize and provide perpetual access to the intellectual output of WSU as broadly as possible.

5 Things You Should Know About DigitalCommons@Wayne State

  1. Digital Commons is an open access electronic publishing tool that helps maximize your research's distribution.
    According to various research studies, open acccess articles are viewed and cited more frequently than non-open access articles, therby increasing an article's impact.
  2. Digital Commons gives you a permanent space to archive and distributie your publications, presentations, data sets, or any research/scholarly output you generate at Wayne State.
    By providing permanent and stable URLs, your articles will always have the same URL. In addition, your work will always be identified with your name and its date of submission.
  3. Helps author's retain control over their copyright
    Often, commercial publisher's retain copyright over your work when it's published--Digital Common's doesn't ask for your copyright, just for your permission to distribute freely. The library will also work with you to help you protect your copyright on articles you publish in the future.
  4. Digital Commons content is indexed by Google and Google Scholar, and allows you to track interest of your work with monthly readership reports.
    Use download and hit-count stats to provide evidence that your scholarship is relevant. In addition, Digital Commons optimizes your content to ensure high visibility in Google and Google Scholar.
  5. To get started, e-mail your CV to or your department's library liaison.

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