Scholarly Communication@WSU

Journal Price Increases

Over the last 15 years, the price of research journals has risen over 200% (compare with the Consumer Price Index, up 57% over this same period). Consequently, academic libraries must cut journal subscriptions and book budgets as well. (see ARL's The Impact of Serial Costs on Library Collections).

How are the WSU Libraries responding?

Joint purchases - The WSU Libraries are collaborating with other libraries throughout Michigan to leverage our purchasing power through consortial purchases. Two examples of recent journal title increases include:

  • Blackwell (Effective 1/1/2006)
    • Titles
      • Wayne State University Title Access: 274
      • MLC Consortia Title Access: 735
  • Springer (Includes Kluwer)
    • Titles
      • Wayne State University Title Access: 241
      • MLC Consortia Title Access for 2006: Over 1100
    These two purchases alone increased WSU's journal title count by 1320.

More Information on Journal Price Increases