is a platform to access and manage all Elsevier Mobile Device resources. You can:

1) Access FIRSTConsult which includes a Differential Diagnoses tool with information on over 1,800 possible diagnoses and 475 Medical Condition files.

3) Access Mosby’s Drug Consult Interactive Tool, medical calculators, health news and drug updates, abstracts and Tables of Contents from over 400 journals indexed in PubMed.

4)Store, record, and initiate searches in either MDConsult or FIRSTConsult database.

POCKETConsult is available to WSU affiliates. To access a mix of content listed above on your Mobile Device, you need to:

  • Use your SoM email credentials or WSU AccessID and password for remote access/downloading
  • Download both MobiPocket Reader and content listed above
    Note: You must go to the FIRSTConsult site to download the FIRSTConsult content. See instructions.
  • Sync your content to your Mobile Device.


POCKETConsult Website Components

You manage your Elsevier Mobile Device content through the POCKETConsult web site. The key function links of the site includes:

  • Download Summary:

    Listing all available Mobile Device content that can be downloaded to your Mobile Device. The content is listed under Channel and Library selections.
    Note: FIRSTConsult must be downloaded from FIRSTConsult site. The content will then be accessible through POCKETConsult.
  • Channels:

    Include FIRSTConsult Update, MD Consult Drug Updates, MD Consult Medical News, Medical Calculators, Mosby's Drug Consult Interaction Tool, and This Week's Journals. There are more than 400 journals indexed in PubMed for you to select. To manage your Journal list, on "This Week's Journal" page, select the journal you want to view or remove from the list and then click either "ADD JOURNALS" or "REMOVE" button.

    To manage your Channel content, on your "Download Summary" page, click the "MODIFY SECTIONS" button, check the channels you like to download or remove, then click the "SAVE SECTIONS" button and sync your Mobile Device.
  • Library:

    Include FIRSTConsult and ebooks available for you.

    To manage your Library content, on your "Download Summary" page, click the "MODIFY SECTIONS" button, select an action listed under Action Column, click "SAVE to NEXT SYNC" button and sync your Mobile Device.
  • Saved Searches:

    Store your search query to your Mobile Device. The next time you synchronize your Mobile Device, the saved searches will be uploaded to the POCKETConsult server and appear in your POCKETConsult account. You can execute them either in FIRSTConsult or MD Consult database by clicking the "Search" link listed under the "Saved Searches" section.
  • Bookmarks:

    Store a bookmark to a particular article on which you want to read more. The next time you synchronize your Mobile Device, the bookmark will appear in your POCKETConsult account. Click the bookmarks title listed under the "Bookmarks" section to get full text article or more information from the FIRSTConsult website.
  • Install Reader:

    Step-by-step instructions on how to download the POCKETConsult Reader.



The POCKETConsult Mobile Device application is a MobiPocket Reader which enables you navigating your Elsevier content and launching your clinical utilities. The content is organized using the three tabs described below:

  • Channels:

    Provide content navigation for news, updates and clinical utilities. Tap the "Channels" tab to access individual channels.
  • Library:

    List all content you downloaded from the "Library" section. Tap the "Library" tab to access FIRSTConsult or Mosby Drug Consult.
  • Search:

    Store your search questions on your Mobile Device and initiate searches in either MD Consult or FIRSTConsult database by following the following steps:
    1. Launch POCKETConsult and tap the "search" tab.
    2. Type in your search query and tap the "Save to Web" button.
    3. Synchronize your Mobile Device. The searches are uploaded to your POCKETConsult account.
    4. Log in POCKETConsult website using your registered email address and password
    5. On the "Download Summary" page, click the "SAVED SEARCHES" link, select a database (i.e. FIRSTConsult or MD Consult) and the query you want to execute, and click "search" link to initial the search.
    6. The search results will be displayed in a new window.



To remove the Elsevier content from your Mobile Device, or move the content from the device to a memory card, please use the the "Channel" or "Library" interface on the POCKETConsult website and follow the following instructions:

  1. Click here to connect to the POCKETConsult web site.
  2. Log in POCKETConsult using your registered email address and password.
  3. On the "Downloading Summary" page, scroll down to either "Channel" or "Library" Section and click the "MODIFY SECTION" button.
  4. To remove a a channel, uncheck the channel you choose, click "SAVE SECTIONS" button and then sync your Mobile Device. To remove a "Library" content, select the "Remove from Device" option, click the "SAVE to NEXT SYNC" button and sync your Mobile Device.
  5. To move the content from a device to a memory card, select the "Move to Memory Card" option, click the "SAVE to NEXT SYNC" button and sync your Mobile Device.




  • You need admin privilege to download MobiPocket Reader and contents listed above.
  • To subscribe medical journals and read the contents and abstracts on your Mobile Device. You need to login MDConsult the first time to select and subscribe the journals you want. Then you can manage "This Week Journal" list through PocketConsult.
  • You need to go to FIRSTConsult to select and download the products including e-books the first time. Then you can manage the products through POCKETConsult.
  • Use the navigation toolbar to browse topics and differential diagnosis within FIRSTConsult.
  • Within FIRSTConsult, if your search topic is not included among their topic files, search engine will not recognize your search term(s) and may pick up and display information that is not relevant.


For further assistance regarding downloading, installing, or accessing this application, please contact us by an email or call the Information Station at 313-577-1094. We can also provide individual consultation to assist with the download and installation process.

Please send us your comments/suggestions.

Updated : 04/07/2014