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The Jeheskel (Hezy) Shoshani Library Endowed Collection (formerly known as the Elephant Research Foundation Library, or ERFL) is a diverse collection of information and display resources about elephants and their relatives both past and present and can be searched in the WSULS Online Catalog. The collection is housed in the Purdy Library, patrons can apply for access at one of the service desks. Requests for interlibrary loan will be honored whenever possible.

About ERF Founder Jeheskel (Hezy) Shoshani

Hezy became interested in elephants after reading "Burma Boy" by Willis Lindquist. His primary research has been the evolutionary biology of elephants, their anatomy and physiology and how to apply this knowledge to our understanding of elephant behavior and ecology. He taught at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan USA, for approximately 25 years.

In 1977 he established the Elephant Research Foundation (an international nonprofit organization) and was the editor of its publication, Elephant. Hezy published about 200 scientific and some popular articles and was the editor of two books on elephants and their relatives: a popular book, "Elephants: Majestic Creatures of the Wild" (2000, Checkmark Books, New York) and a technical volume (with Pascal Tassy), "The Proboscidea: Evolution and Palaeoecology of Elephants and Their Relatives" (1996, Oxford University Press, England).

From 1998 to 2006 he taught at the University of Asmara, Eritrea, and conducted research on mammals in general and elephants in particular, funded by the Born Free Foundation in the UK. In January 2003, on an expedition to search for elephants, Hezy almost lost his life, by... one of his beloved research subjects who charged him, but miraculously he escaped with only minor injuries. In 2007, he relocated to Ethiopia, continuing to teach biology at Addis Abab University and to study the same population of elephants (since they cross the border from Eritrea seasonally).

Hezy was the prime mover in creating the Elephant Research Foundation Library and in the decision in 2002 to move that collection to the Wayne State University Libraries. Sadly, Hezy died on May 21, 2008, as a result of terrorist bombing of a public minibus in Addis Ababa. His work in Ethiopia on the northern elephants is being carried on by his colleagues, and the Elephant Research Foundation continues to manage the move of the collection to WSULS. The board of Directors of the ERF decided to rename the library as a tribute to the lifelong efforts of Hezy Shoshani.