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Donating to the “Jeheskel (Hezy) Shoshani Library Endowed Collection” - in the WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY SYSTEM

December 2009

Dear Friends: Through the generosity of Jeheskel (Hezy) Shoshani and the Elephant Research Foundation Board, the Jeheskel (Hezy) Library Endowed Collection - formerly the Elephant Research Foundation (EFR) Library - has been established at Wayne State University. Located in the university's Purdy Library (excepting the skeleton of the Asian elephant, Iki, prepared by Dr. Shoshani in the 1980s), the library is an exciting enhancement to our institution's research collections. We are delighted to have been chosen for this important collection of resources concerning elephants, their precursors and relatives.

The vast majority of books from the Library will have been cataloged. You may want to try accessing this collection by pointing a Web browser to:


At the drop down menu following search, select TITLE and enter the words: Elephant Research Foundation Library and press the Submit Search button. You will immediately have a list of the books and resources in the Collection. Other materials will be added to this list as they arrive and are prepared for access.

We hope that you will consider a donation to this important fund - to enhance and sustain this important collection. Donations should be forwarded to the Wayne State University Library System’s director of development:

Marguerite Carlton, 3100 Undergraduate Library, 5150 Anthony Wayne Drive, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202

All checks should be made payable to Wayne State University. Please note in your correspondence or on your check that your donation is intended for the Jeheskel (Hezy) Shoshani Library Endowed Collection. You may also may contact Marguerite at (313) 577-2822 or margueritec@wayne.edu

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in support of international elephant research and the preservation of this important species.


Sandra Yee Dean,
University Library System