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Library Hours for Friday, May 30

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Both PK and SEL libraries will be open for extended hours, 8am-9pm, on Friday May 30th as a result of the Memorial Day closing. UGL will close at the regular time of 6pm. Reference Service will be available online through Virtual Reference and in-person until 8:00 in P/K.

Ex-WSU professor dies in Africa in bus explosion

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Former Wayne State University professor and internationally renowned elephant expert, Jeheskel “Hezy” Shoshani, was killed in Ethiopia this week in an explosion, several international publications are reporting.

Shoshani, 65, was among several people killed after an explosion in a public minibus in downtown Addis Ababa on Tuesday, Israeli media reported.

Shoshani was reportedly returning to his home from Addis Ababa University. The minibus was traveling on a road that runs between the Hilton Hotel and the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry.

Shoshani became interested in elephants after reading “Burma Boy” by Willis Lindquist and devoted years to researching their evolutionary behavior, along with their anatomy and physiology. During nearly 25 years of teaching biology at Wayne State, he contributed a skeleton of a famous circus elephant to Wayne State and one of a mastodon to Oakland Community College.

Wayne State University records indicate in 1977 he established the Elephant Research Foundation; he also edited a publication called “Elephant” and published about 200 scientific articles and books on elephants.

In 2003, Shoshani was nearly killed on an expedition in search of elephants when one of his beloved subjects charged him. Somehow, he escaped with only minor injuries.

Shoshani, who is respected both locally and internationally, has also excavated remains of mastodons and other Pleistocene epoch era animals in Michigan. Two of his findings have permanent homes in two metro Detroit institutions.

ILL (WILD) Maintenance May 28th

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

The WILD system will be unavailable due to scheduled system maintenance the morning of Wednesday, May 28th, starting at approximately 10am. You may continue to place requests for journal articles through ArticleReach during this time.

UPDATE: WILD is once again available.

Micromedex Healthcare Series & CareNotes

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Through the generosity of Thomson Reuters, Wayne State University now has an educational license to Micromedex ( for instructional programs for students and faculty in the health sciences. This web based resource also has content from Thomson Clinical Expert for your PDA.

At the request of Thomson Reuters, access to Micromedex Healthcare Series & CareNotes has been limited to building use only in the College of Nursing, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Shiffman Medical Library at Rackham and Scott Hall, and cannot be reached from remote locations off-campus.

Micromedex includes:

  • Disease Information- Evidence-based, relevant information on disease states, treatment guidelines, and standards of care
  • Drug Briefs – Bulleted briefs which include summaries on a variety of topics like trade names, dosing, indications, contradictions, monitoring, and drug interactions
  • IV Compatibility – 600 unique drugs and solutions search individual drugs
  • Drug Identification – Identifies drugs that patients bring to the hospitals by color, shape, and imprint codes
  • Drug Interactions – 9 types of interactions which includes 8000 unique drug terms that are drug-specific rather than class-specific
  • Patient education documents – Easy-to-understand materials to help educate patients about their health condition and encourage their participation in care
  • For more information, contact Shiffman Medical Library at 577-1094 or

    For PDA support, go to Shiffman Medical Library PDA site (

    To access Micromedex Healthcare Series & CareNotes, go to

    Wayne State Library System Adds over 20,000 Images and Videos to Virtual Motor City Project

    Thursday, May 8th, 2008

    Because of a six month extension to an Institute of Library and Museum Services grant, the Wayne State University Library System and the Walter P. Reuther Library just finished adding around 20,000 images and over 400 videos to the Virtual Motor City photo collection, an online resource already containing digitized images from the Detroit News Collection, a photojournalistic resource held at the Reuther Library.

    This is the first time that videos were digitized as part of the VMC Project. The new videos added are Detroit News newsreels from the 1920s and include footage from local people and events to more well-known subjects like Babe Ruth and Helen Keller. The videos can be browsed at

    The Library System’s Web Development Team added more than 20,000 images to collection since 2005, bringing the total number of images to over 36,000.

    Donated to Wayne State in 1997, the full collection consists of more than 800,000 photonegative images, many of them on vintage glass plate. The Detroit News was a pioneer in the use of photojournalism equipment and techniques, which gives many of the early images recorded on glass and film additional historical significance. The collection is the largest single collection of graphic images of any kind at the Reuther Library.