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New MeLcat Fine Assessment Policy

December 15th, 2009

Effective Jan 11th, 2010 the University Libraries will begin assessing overdue fines for material borrowed through MeLcat and returned after the due date. The overdue fine will be consistent with fee/fines currently assessed for WSU owned material.

Books: $0.25 cents per day per item
Videos/DVDs: $1.00 per day per item

If the item(s) is more than thirty days (30) overdue then a default replacement fee of $100.01 will be assessed against the patron account until item is returned. This default fee may not represent the actual replacement value of the material therefore the replacement fee could either be more or less than $100.01. Upon return a $20.00 overdue fee will be assessed against patron account. In cases where the item is lost, returned damaged, or parts of a multi-piece item is missing then the library reserves the right charge the full value of the item or accept a replacement copy. If you have any questions regarding this change in policy please contact Mike Hawthorne, associate director of Access Services at