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Take a walk through fashion history with a new Digital Dress display at the UGL

April 4th, 2012

Stop by the UGL atrium to check out our newest display highlighting the Digital Dress digital collection featuring women’s shoes from the last 200 years. The exhibit features images and backgrounds of footwear that belonged to Detroit residents throughout history, from the middle-class to the affluent. The vibrant images and information will transport you back in time to give you a clear picture of the type of women who wore the shoes in that time period.

This selection of footwear is only a small sample from collections at Wayne State University, The Henry Ford, Detroit Historical Museums and Meadowbrook Hall. Take a trip through fashion history yourself by browsing through all the historic costumes in the Digital Dress collections: the Detroit Historical Museums Historic Costume Collection, the Dorothea June Grossbart Historic Costume Collection, The Henry Ford Historic Costume Collection and the Meadow Brook Hall Historic Costume Collection, which contain over 5,000 digital images of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories representing 200 years of fashion.

Click here to browse the collections.