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New E-Resource: Making of Modern Law: US Supreme Court Records & Briefs 1832-1978

The Law Library recently acquired the Making of Modern Law:  U.S. Supreme Court Records & Briefs 1832-1978 (Digital Collection).  This electronic resource contains 75,000 cases; 200,000 documents and 11,000,000 pages.  It includes the briefs, petitions, oral transcripts and trial transcripts. The digital collection is especially beneficial to faculty and students in law, political science and history, because it provides convenient access to 65 years of the early U.S. Supreme Court activity.  It is accessible campus wide.  Offsite access requires authentication. 

Link to the bib record:

Link to the collection: Making of Modern Law:  U.S. Supreme Court Records & Briefs 1832-1978

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