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WSU Library System Joins Worldwide Resource Sharing Service

The Wayne State University Library System has always engaged in resource sharing with other libraries, such as borrowing books and journal articles through traditional interlibrary loan (ILL) arrangements. During the past year the WSU Library System (WSULS) has been involved with a new partnership with international libraries called ArticleReach Direct.

ArticleReach allows sharing journal articles between each institution quickly and with little library staff intervention allowing you to get your information more directly. It also allows us to deliver articles from journals within the WSULS collections, saving you a trip to the library shelves.

Joining Wayne State University in this project are Michigan State University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Oregon, Washington State University, Washington University in St. Louis, Georgetown University, Glasgow University (Scotland), and the University of Liverpool (England). The consortium will soon expand to include the University of Queensland (Australia), and the Australian National University. We are excited about the recent addition of the international libraries and the prospect for providing around-the-clock delivery services.

Participating Libraries

These academic libraries have combined their journal collections into one catalog ( to increase availability of each title. Authorized users who cannot locate needed articles online from their own library resources can request digital delivery from one of the print copies located in other member libraries’ collections. Since requests go directly to the lending library instead of being mediated by a person as in traditional interlibrary loan, the request process is faster than ever.

How it Works

When searching for articles, go to and try searching for your article from the Articles and Databases or Online Journals lists and when the search results appear, check for the ArticleLinker icon on the citation.

Clicking the Search for Article icon will display the ArticleLinker web page with options for retrieving your article.

If using Google Scholar, click the “Full-Text @ Wayne State” or “Check Library Holdings” near the citation on your search results page. Either method will initiate a search to locate the cited article online through WSULS databases. If available, a link directly to the article will appear for full-text access.

If there is no immediate electronic access, click the link to “Request Digital Delivery of Article” and your request will be sent. Behind the scenes, someone at one of the partner institutions will scan and deliver the article to the requestor. When article requests are filled, email notices are sent to you with a link to the article, and they are also accessible through your online library accounts at If the request cannot be filled, it will be automatically transferred to the Interlibrary Loan department. Requests transferred to Interlibrary Loan may require extra time to process.

ArticleReach makes getting an article is as simple as saying, “I want it!” Users don’t have to search multiple libraries or databases because they can find what they need in one place. ArticleReach also brings requesting to where patrons need it providing access from online databases through the ArticleLinker (link resolver) service, union catalog, or your library’s online request form ( You may then monitor the article’s delivery status in your online library account or just wait for an email notification.

ArticleReach Usage Statistics

Since the start of the beta rollout of ArticleReach in early 2007 over 11,000 articles have been delivered to WSU students, faculty, and staff from participating libraries, and 6200 articles were scanned and delivered from Wayne State Library journals. WSU Graduate students are the heaviest ArticleReach users (9208 filled requests), followed by WSU Faculty (6561), WSU Undergraduates (2494), and WSU Staff (297). The average turn-around time has been less than 30 hours and approximately 70% of all requests have been filled by ArticleReach libraries, with the remaining 30% transferred to traditional Interlibrary Loan.

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