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Dec. 6-17 | Help those less fortunate and get your fines removed through Food for Fines Program

From December 6 to December 17, patrons will have a chance to have their outstanding fines reduced or expunged while contributing to a worthy cause that supports the Wayne State community. For every one non-perishable food item donated to the Library System $1 will be waived from your outstanding fines. For example, if you have $5 in fines, and you bring in five non-perishable food items, your $5 in fines will be removed from your record. To participate in Food for Fines, bring your items to the circulation desk in any of the five libraries, including the Oakland Center. Items must be new, unexpired and never opened, with the label intact. Items must also be free from dirt, rust or dents. Only food items will be accepted.

All items collected will go to support the Adopt-a-Family Program. Coordinated by Wayne State Library System employee volunteers, the Adopt-Family Program sponsors community families by providing meals and gifts during the holiday season. Last year, the Food for Fines program donated over 36 cases of food to Gleaners Food Bank in Detroit.

This offer may not be tax deductable and the receipt you receive will be for the fines waived from your account only. Library staff will offer no verification of goods donated. Items donated now cannot be used as credit against future fines. The library reserves the right to reject any donation that does not fit within the acceptable criteria (see below for list of terms).

Canned food:
• Items can be no larger than 20oz;
• Cans/boxes must be sealed and unopened;
• Must not be rusted, dented, and label must be clean and intact;
• Items already expired will not be accepted.
• Dry goods
• Only crackers, dry cereals, pastas, flour, sugar, etc.. will be accepted;
• Items must be sealed and unopened;
• Container must be in store-bought condition.

The library will not accept
• Any non-food items;
• Breads, chips, candy or snack foods.

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