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This workshop series will be held in Mazurek Education Commons, Lab #324

Learn more about NCBI genome and biomedical resources and data sets in this series of four 2.5 hour hands-on sessions.  Each session will emphasize a select set of resources developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) using specific examples to highlight important features of the resources and tools.  The four modules focus on the following areas:

Sequences, Genomes and Maps   (Thursday, October 11, 9am-12pm)

This workshop presents NCBI integrated biomolecular databases that comprise the Entrez system and shows how to use Entrez to find and download data of interest.  The workshop focuses on scope and content of sequence databases. It demonstrates effective use of the Entrez interface including filters, search strategies to collect and download a specific set of records, and to use the pre-computed relationships available in the Entrez system to find related sequences, genomic regions, genomic maps, homologous genes and proteins, pathways and expression information.

Proteins, Domains and Structures   (Thursday, October 11, 1pm – 4pm)

Learn about the resources associated with NCBI’s three-dimensional structure records including the Molecular Modeling Database, Entrez Structure, Vector Alignment Search Tool (VAST), the Conserved Domain Database and the structure viewer Cn3D.  This workshop shows how the Entrez system can be used to navigate across protein and structure data.

NCBI BLAST SERVICES   (Friday, October 12 9am – 12pm)

This workshop highlights new features and demonstrates the practical aspects of using NCBI BLAST, the most popular sequence similarity service in the world. See demonstrated the integrations and expansion of Align-2-Sequences; organism limits and TreeView analysis of results. It also shows how the new DELTA-BLAST improves the sensitivity and specificity of protein BLAST and demonstrates two new sequence analysis services, Primer BLAST and COBALT, which have been added to the BLAST area of the NCBI site.

HUMAN VARIATION AND DISEASE GENES   (Friday, October 12, 1:00pm – 4pm)

Learn more about resources associated with human sequence variations and phenotypes. Demonstrations use the mouse fig4 homolog and the human APOE gene as examples to navigate across integrated databases to find phenotypes, literature, sequences (genome, mRNA and protein), and variations.  Find out how to map those variations onto genes, transcripts, proteins, and genomic regions.  This workshop emphasizes the importance of the Gene database as the best way to access these data.

Participants may attend all or any combination of these sessions. Sessions are entirely hands-on where the instructor will provide step-by-step instructions and additional information about each example. Participants will have the opportunity to provide comments and suggestions on NCBI services and to attend individual consultations with NCBI staff.

Register for: NCBI Discovery Workshop Webinars*

1. Login to Pipeline at

2. Click on this link:

*Search: NCBI under Training and Seminars if link does not appear.

For further information contact Shiffman Medical Library:  313-577-1094 /



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