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WSU Library System News

DLXS: Export Portfolio as PowerPoint, Simplified

Since January DLXS users have had the ability to export a portfolio as a PowerPoint or HTML page over at the Digital Learning and Development Environment (DLDE) — now we’ve made it easier.  Now you don’t even have to leave DLXS or your portfolio page in order to get your images into PowerPoint.  It’s simple, here’s how you’d do it:

  1. Create a portfolio of images.  If you don’t know how you’d accomplish creating a portfolio, watch this video.
  2. With your portfolio created and ready for download, simply choose the format you’d like it to be exported into.

  3. When your portfolio has finished converting to your selected format, you’ll be re-directed to the DLDE to save your export to your desktop.

That was easy.  Leave your PowerPoint as is, or turn it into a Digital Learning Object to use for teaching and learning.  We’ve supplemented tools and resources at the DLDE so you can learn how to add contextual information and student assessment to your PowerPoint, allowing it to be used and re-used by students in a classroom or virtual classroom setting.  Don’t forget, creating a Digital Learning Object also makes for a great student assignment.

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We recently had the chance to present the results of our Digital Learning and Development Environment (DLDE, formerly known as the Sandbox) project at the Coalition for Networked Information‘s (CNI) Spring Membership Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

To download the slides, presentation handout, and a screencast demo for DLO to Go: Fostering Instructional Use of New Media, go to:

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New VRC Collection

If you’re a WSU student, faculty, or staff, you now have access to Historic Illustrations of Art and Architecture in Luna, a collection of 350 scans taken from various public domain works. These historic illustrations were originally published during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and cover a wide range of objects from Europe and the Middle East. Many originally appeared in publications that predated the widespread use of photography for art documentation. These engravings, line drawings, and plans for many well-known historic structures reflect both the technological and aesthetic standards of their time.

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Virtual Motor City: Browse Topics Updated

Enjoy browsing Virtual Motor City by topic with our improved and expanded list of over 250 topics.  The expanded list covers people, places and general topics in a wide range of subjects such as Architecture, Art, Automotive Industry, Business, Cities, Culture, Government, Social Movements, Sports, Transportation, and Military.

Virtual Motor City: Browse By Topic

Access the Virtual Motor City Topic page at:

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Old Newsboys Christmas

 Old Newsboys Christmas     Old Newsboys Christmas 1930’s

Not too long ago I told my father about some images that I had come across in the Virtual Motor City Collection about the Old Newsboys and Christmas.  Usually in the images as in those above, police officers and boy scouts were delivering packages to families in Detroit who were in need.  The tradition started in 1914 when James Brady founded the Old Newsboys’ Goodfellow Fund of Detroit (Detroit Goodfellows).  He and other businessmen would sell newspapers on the street (just as they do today), to raise money to provide Christmas gifts to childen.  To my suprise, my father who was born in 1927, told me that he was one of those children who received gifts from the Old Newsboys as his family had been hard hit by the depression, like so many others at that time.  I can’t look at these images without seeing my dad and his brothers.

Click here for more Old Newsboys Christmas images: More Old Newsboys

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Santa the Serial Killer?

Scary Santa

I had to laugh when I came across this image yesterday and realized how different our ideas about the meaning of things change over the years.  In this image which was obviously set up, Santa is looking through the window at two children, one is asleep on the floor but the other is still wide awake and staring up at the decorated tree.  Looking at this image with 21st Century eyes, at least in my case, especially the look on Santa’s face as he gazes into the window, it seems sinister and creepy.

Other Images of Santa in Virtual Motor City

Santa Claus Leaving Airplane (1930s)

Santa Claus Over Detroit (1930s)

Santa with Key to the City of Detroit, Thanksgiving Day Parade (1981)

Find More images of Santa in Virtual Motor City…

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Sandbox Project White Paper

Where have we been?  Putting the final touches on our NEH funded Sandbox Project (as it has come to be known): The Digital Learning and Development Environment (DLDE).  The Digital Learning and Development Environment is an exciting new direction for us and our digital image collections.  In short, it is an effort to generate greater use of Virtual Motor City and Digital Dress (and other DLXS collections) in the classroom by creating a tool that will allow users to export images and their metadata to PowerPoint slides for easy creation of learning objects.  The DLDE also features an interactive portion that contains handy resources for creating learning objects, using images in the classroom, and also allows users to share learning objects to be re-used by others.

We’re excited to roll the project out in the winter semester, but until then, you can read our White Paper to learn about what motivated the project, how it was conceived, and some lessons learned along the way.

WSULS Digital Learning and Development Environment White Paper

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VRC Faculty Workshop Materials

For those unable to attend the faculty workshop, we’re making available some documents that should help you get started using the Visual Resources Collection.

Stay tuned for future faculty workshop dates later in the Fall ’09 semester and instructional videos–they’ll be announced here.

VRC Faculty Workshop Slides

VRC Faculty Workshop Handout

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Visual Resource Collection Workshops

You’ve heard us mention the Visual Resources Collection on the blog before, but now, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be offering VRC workshops for WSU faculty.

The introduction to the VRC workshop for faculty will be offered on two dates: Wednesday, 19th from 12:30-1:50 pm and Tuesday, August 25th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm in Lab A on the first floor of the Undergraduate Library. The workshop will include learning how to create, manage, and copy media groups; Export image files and presentations to PowerPoint; How to use Flickr to supplement presentations; Professors will be provided an extra lesson how to use VRC to aid in teaching and learning.

For more information please call the TRC at (313)-577-1980 and direct all calls to Jon McGlone. To register for the workshops send an e-mail to indicating which day you would like to attend along with your name, contact information, and department.

Student walk-in workshops are in the works but will be provided at a later date in the fall semester. They will not be required to register for the workshop and location may change from the faculty workshop. Students, keep an eye out for emails and notices on Pipeline and your classroom Blackboard messages from professors on when the student workshops will be available.

For those not able to make the workshops, the Technology Resource Center will be developing instructional videos to provide a step – by – step process on how to interact with the Luna software and make use of the tools available. The videos will not be available until about early – mid fall semester.

Visual Resources Information Page
Visual Resources Collection

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An eBook For Everyone

Beginning July 4th, the fourth iteration of the annual World eBook Fair kicks-off. For one month, the World eBook Fair gives you free, full-text access to over 2 million PDF eBooks–short version: you can download as many eBooks as you want directly to your desktop for free.

For those of you who read on-the-go, some of these titles are compatible with mobile devices.

Major contributors this year include: Project Gutenberg, E-books About Everything, Internet Archive, and World Public Library amongst many others.

Go now, download, and read!

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