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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Virtual Motor City: Browse Topics Updated

Enjoy browsing Virtual Motor City by topic with our improved and expanded list of over 250 topics.  The expanded list covers people, places and general topics in a wide range of subjects such as Architecture, Art, Automotive Industry, Business, Cities, Culture, Government, Social Movements, Sports, Transportation, and Military. Access the Virtual Motor City Topic page […]

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Old Newsboys Christmas

 Old Newsboys Christmas     Old Newsboys Christmas 1930’s Not too long ago I told my father about some images that I had come across in the Virtual Motor City Collection about the Old Newsboys and Christmas.  Usually in the images as in those above, police officers and boy scouts were delivering packages to families in Detroit who […]

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Santa the Serial Killer?

I had to laugh when I came across this image yesterday and realized how different our ideas about the meaning of things change over the years.  In this image which was obviously set up, Santa is looking through the window at two children, one is asleep on the floor but the other is still wide awake and staring […]

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