DLXS: Export Portfolio as PowerPoint, Simplified

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Since January DLXS users have had the ability to export a portfolio as a PowerPoint or HTML page over at the Digital Learning and Development Environment (DLDE) — now we’ve made it easier.  Now you don’t even have to leave DLXS or your portfolio page in order to get your images into PowerPoint.  It’s simple, here’s how you’d do it:

  1. Create a portfolio of images.  If you don’t know how you’d accomplish creating a portfolio, watch this video.
  2. With your portfolio created and ready for download, simply choose the format you’d like it to be exported into.

  3. When your portfolio has finished converting to your selected format, you’ll be re-directed to the DLDE to save your export to your desktop.

That was easy.  Leave your PowerPoint as is, or turn it into a Digital Learning Object to use for teaching and learning.  We’ve supplemented tools and resources at the DLDE so you can learn how to add contextual information and student assessment to your PowerPoint, allowing it to be used and re-used by students in a classroom or virtual classroom setting.  Don’t forget, creating a Digital Learning Object also makes for a great student assignment.


Thursday, April 15th, 2010

We recently had the chance to present the results of our Digital Learning and Development Environment (DLDE, formerly known as the Sandbox) project at the Coalition for Networked Information‘s (CNI) Spring Membership Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

To download the slides, presentation handout, and a screencast demo for DLO to Go: Fostering Instructional Use of New Media, go to:


Virtual Motor City: Browse Topics Updated

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Enjoy browsing Virtual Motor City by topic with our improved and expanded list of over 250 topics.  The expanded list covers people, places and general topics in a wide range of subjects such as Architecture, Art, Automotive Industry, Business, Cities, Culture, Government, Social Movements, Sports, Transportation, and Military.

Virtual Motor City: Browse By Topic

Access the Virtual Motor City Topic page at:


Sandbox Project White Paper

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Where have we been?  Putting the final touches on our NEH funded Sandbox Project (as it has come to be known): The Digital Learning and Development Environment (DLDE).  The Digital Learning and Development Environment is an exciting new direction for us and our digital image collections.  In short, it is an effort to generate greater use of Virtual Motor City and Digital Dress (and other DLXS collections) in the classroom by creating a tool that will allow users to export images and their metadata to PowerPoint slides for easy creation of learning objects.  The DLDE also features an interactive portion that contains handy resources for creating learning objects, using images in the classroom, and also allows users to share learning objects to be re-used by others.

We’re excited to roll the project out in the winter semester, but until then, you can read our White Paper to learn about what motivated the project, how it was conceived, and some lessons learned along the way.

WSULS Digital Learning and Development Environment White Paper

Virtual Motor City Updates: Titles

Monday, June 8th, 2009

In our ongoing effort to improve the searching and browsing of the Virtual Motor City collection, we’ve just reloaded the collection’s metadata, updated with the latest additional information: descriptions of photographs, Library of Congress subject headings, and our brand new field, titles.

With the new title field, you’ll notice that some records contain two titles: Historical Title and Title.  You may ask, well, what’s the difference? Here’s our explanation.


There are two title fields, Historical Title and Title.  Historical Title is the name given to the photograph by the Detroit News Photographer who took the photo(s).  This field, while historically significant and interesting, is riddled with problems when it comes to searching because a lack of consistency.  The photographers did not use an authority list, so photographs that are similar, such as three pictures of cars, might be labeled totally different.  One might be simply “Autos” while another might be the model and brand, while another might be “Street Scenes.”  The NEW title field is original metadata added by a metadata librarian, that looks to give some consistency back to the titles and also add titles to records that never had one.  Once we’ve reached a significant number or records with this new field, users will have the ability to browse by title.

DLXS Upgrade Coming

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

If you’re a regular user of our Digital Collections–like Virtual Motor City–you’ll be happy to learn in the next couple weeks we’ll be upgrading to the most current version of DLXS.  While you wait, here’s a few improvements the DLXS folks have made that you can look forward to:

  • Improved relevancy ranking for searches
  • Bookmarking, commenting, and downloading tools for every record
  • Improved image navigation tools (zooming, panning, image sizes)

DLXS Improvements

About DLXS:

The Digital Library eXtension Service (DLXS) is a digital library system designed to help educational and non-profit institutions mount a variety of types of digital library collections. Since 1996, the University of Michigan Library has worked to serve a growing need for institutions like Michigan to put digital library collections online. more @ http://dlxs.org