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Maintaining the Libraries

October 4th, 2007

Comment: You need to pay more attention to building maintenance. The libraries shouldn’t be so shabby and dark.

Our mission is to provide our students and faculty with libraries where they will want to spend time. We are continually involved in projects to make the buildings more comfortable, safe, and appealing.

One of our major projects in this area took place last summer. With generous support from the Provost, we were able to recarpet the first floor of the Purdy/Kresge Library. We also took advantage of this recarpeting to make some other major changes. In the Kresge wing, we shifted the serials collection to the second floor and transformed the first floor into a quiet study area. On the Purdy side, we shrunk the size of our reference collection and repositioned furniture to provide as much study space as possible. One benefit of this is that we are now taking full advantage of the natural light available through the many windows in both the Kresge and Purdy wings.

Last academic year, the lighting on the first floor of Purdy was also completely refurbished, and we created a comfortable and well lit study area on the second floor of Purdy.