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Pleasure Reading

October 4th, 2007

Comment: The library has a lot of research books, but almost nothing we can read for enjoyment. It would be nice if the library had novels and other things that we can read for enjoyment. We don’t study all the time.

The University Libraries’ mission is to collect the books, journals, and other information needed to support learning, teaching, and research and we try to be very efficient in doing this. We really want to get the maximum benefit from every dollar entrusted to us. That doesn’t leave a lot of money for purely entertainment reading.

You do, however, want to give our collections a careful look. The range of study and research at the University is vast and our collections are quite varied.

But, because of our participation in a state-wide program, any book you’d expect to find in a public library is available to you on campus. The University Libraries are part of the Michigan eLibrary (known as MeLCat) which will allow you to borrow books from public and academic libraries from all over the state of Michigan and pick them up here on campus. To search the MeLCat catalog and place requests for books follow the link found on our Interlibrary Loan page at