Digital Suggestion Box Responses

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Recommending Books and Journals

May 19th, 2008

The most common use of our Digital Suggestion Box is to recommend a title for the collections. Most often, books are suggested, but from time to time we also hear about journals and magazines. We are always glad to receive such suggestions and would be happy to see the number of suggestion grow.

Typically, we forward each such message to the librarian responsible for developing the part of our collection in which we would place the recommended item. These subject specialist librarians are called liaisons. Each liaison librarian is in charge of developing one or more subject areas within our collections. These subject areas cover the full range of what is studied, taught, and researched at the University.

After forwarding a recommendation to a liaison librarian, we also let the person who made the recommendation know the name and email address of that librarian and make clear that future suggestions can be made either through the Suggestion Box or by contacting the liaison librarian directly.

If you would like to cut out the middleman and recommend books and serials directly to a liaison librarian, you can identify the librarian you want by going to the directory of Librarian Liaisons at

It is also possible to recommend books for purchase directly through our catalog. When you first open the catalog, just under the search box you will find the link “Suggest a Title.” When you click on that link, a form will open allowing you to make your recommendation. You can go directly to this form now by clicking on this link: