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DVD Collection

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

How are DVDs chosen for the Undergraduate Library? Does the librarian doing this look at lists of award winning films? How do you pick documentaries? Why don’t you have more DVDs that we actually want to watch?

In choosing items for the video/DVD collection, we focus on these factors:

  • Requests from faculty for materials that support their teaching and/or research. This includes materials that support all curricular areas across the university.
  • Requests from Film Studies and Media Arts and Studies faculty for materials that support their curricula and research. This includes titles released as part of the Criterion Collection; titles important to the history of film; the works of selected independent film directors; popular titles for classes offered in special topics such as Blockbuster films, Bollywood films, the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Blaxploitation, etc.
  • Requests from staff, students and library patrons for materials that are appropriate for an academic library collection. The focus is on adding films with educational value, and not developing a collection of popular films purely for entertainment purposes.
  • Annual reviews of awards lists including academy awards; “Notable Videos for Adults” of the American Library Association (primarily documentaries); recommended titles in the periodical “Video Librarian”
  • Reviews of best-of lists including those from the American Film Institute, BBC, British Film Institute, National Film Review, etc.