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Online Journals

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Comment: Why aren’t all the journals available at the libraries available online? It eats up time having to come down to campus and even go from library to library to copy journal articles.

The University Libraries purchase online journals just as they purchase print journals; the Libraries do not digitize journals themselves. If we wish to add an online journal to our collection, it must be available for purchase. Publishing has not yet reached the point where every academic journal currently published is available online. But we are getting progressively closer. When it comes to older issues of such journals, conversion to digital formats is moving much slower. Print collections of older journals will continue to be essential parts of library collections for years to come.

When we decide to purchase an online journal, besides considering its availability we also consider its price. The price paid by an academic library for online journals is not, by the way, the price you might pay as an individual. Publishers know that library subscriptions are used by hundreds or even thousands of people and price accordingly. In fact, the vendors of online journals often demand to know how many students and faculty we have and base their pricing accordingly.

More Ejournals and Ebooks

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Comment: More books and other resources need to be available. The library ought to be providing more e-journals and even e-books that we can use from home.

As I’m sure you know, we have limited budgets for buying books and journals. Working within the limits of that budget, we make great efforts to spend our funds well and get the books, journals, and other information sources necessary to support learning, teaching, and research at Wayne. To do this we have assigned subject liaison librarians to specific subject areas and charged them with identifying and purchasing materials for those areas.

We are very aware that e-journals are preferred by students and faculty alike and that there is a growing demand for e-books. Whenever possible, we purchase online journals and magazines rather than print. We are also building e-book collections in a number of different areas. In fact in 2005-2006 (the most recent year for which data is available), the WSU Libraries once again lead the 113 members of the Association of Research Libraries in the percentage of its collection budget used for digital materials.

We also want you to know that Wayne students and faculty are not limited to the books and journals in our collections. Through special interlibrary loan arrangements with libraries, we have the ability to borrow books and obtain articles from libraries all over the United States and the world. To set up your interlibrary loan account and make requests, go to

If you would like to contact the liaison librarian in your area of study, please use the list available at

You can also suggest books for our collections. You may do so by clicking on the “Suggest a Title” link in our catalog. It will lead you to this online form: