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Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Comments: The libraries need to be cleaner. The study tables, computer areas, and bathrooms are often filthy.

Our cleaning staff works very hard to keep the library buildings clean. To assist them in their work, the University Libraries has also instituted some new policies and re-emphasizing other policies of long standing.
No beverage may be brought or consumed in any of our Libraries unless it is in a covered container. There is a strict no eating policy in effect in the Neef Law, the Purdy/Kresge, and the Science and Engineering Libraries as well as on the third floor of the Undergraduate Library. In those areas in which our customers may eat, there is a strict policy against eating at Library computer workstations.

But let’s be frank. Almost 2,000,000 visits were paid to the University Libraries last year. Unless the WSU community comes to the realization that keeping the Libraries clean is a responsibility they share with the library staff, we will be fighting a losing battle. At present, far too many people feel they can simply walk away from their messes and someone else will clean them up. The student community needs to assert some positive peer pressure.