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Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Comment: Most of the library staff does a good job of assisting me when I need help. But every now and then I run into one of them who is rude and completely unhelpful. You should remind your staff that they are part of an educational institution and they need to treat everyone with respect.

The University Libraries are a service organization, and we take great efforts to improve and maintain our service quality. Service quality is emphasized when training new staff members and re-emphasized in regular staff meetings. We also run a special service institute for library student assistants each fall.
If you do have a bad interaction with someone at our service desks, we urge you to raise the issue with his or her supervisor.

Identifying and contacting supervisors can often be difficult. One way to do so would be to send a note to the Library Digital Suggestion Box, describing the incident and the person involve and providing your email address so the supervisor can contact you. The Digital Suggestion Box is, of course, available at