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WSU Library System News

January 2008 Minutes

Wayne State University Library System
University Library Committee

January 10, 2008
2:30 – 3:30 pm
Dean’s Conference Room






Present: N. Bhavnagri, A. Conti, D. Featherston, J. Hankin, B. Harris, S.H. Kuivaniemi, S. Ng, C. Schochet, S. Yee

  1. Professor Claude Schochet welcomed committee.
  2. December 13, 2007 meeting notes approved.
  3. Dean Yee provided an update on Open Access legislation: Beginning in April 2008, most U.S. biomedical scientists will have to send copies of their accepted, peer-reviewed manuscripts to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) for posting in a free archive.
  4. Robert Harris, Library System Business Manager, presented the Library System general fund budget overview. (See attached.)
    Highlights included:  

    • There are three budgetary units that make up the Libraries Division. (Libraries, OTL, & LISP)
    • Most of the library system budget is made up of fixed costs.
    • Fundraising for the library system is encouraged for: collections, facilities & LISP.
    • During the last cost containment period cuts were made in the following categories: supplies, facilities, unfilled positions, travel.
    • The acquisitions budget is approximately 8.6 million.
  5. Next meeting is February 14, 2008, 2:30 – 3:30, Dean’s Conference Room.

Submitted by: A. Conti

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December 2007 Minutes

Wayne State University Library System
University Library Committee

December 13, 2007
2:00 – 3:00 pm
Dean’s Conference Room


Present: B. Callahan, A. Conti, D. Featherston, J. Hankin, M. Jackson, S.H. Kuivaniemi, J. McGinnity, M. Mougoue, S. Ng, C. Schochet, J. Sondheimer, S. Yee

  1. Claude Schochet welcomed group and individual introductions of committee members followed.
  2. Sandra Yee introduced Beth Callahan, Assistant Director for Acquisitions to the committee. Beth led a discussion regarding the library system’s acquisitions processes as it pertains to journals. Key points from the discussion include:
    • Swets is the library system’s primary subscription services company. (does not include law)
      • The Swets invoice has increased by 28% from last year’s invoice.
      • This increase will use up $288,000 of our $200,000 acquisitions budget increase.
      • The library system will add new serials to the collections only if cancellations are achieved or new money is found.
      • Library leadership will review any requests for new databases.
      • High cost/low use serial titles are being reviewed over the next 6 months.
    • The library system continues to move from print to electronic formats.
      • Move is hampered by publishers who see lost revenue from advertising and charge more for electronic access. Though access to e-resources may be more cost effective, the publishers, many of them publicly traded companies, have to show growth to their investors. Consequently, libraries are charged more for e-access than print access.
      • Publishers will be moving away from print subscription model.
      • Publishers don’t have viable model to replace print model.
      • Chaos in the industry as publishers “try on” different models.
      • Force us to know what we want and why.
    • The library system will have to make some difficult decisions about databases and other materials over the next two years to stay within budget.
      • Try to reduce our current database obligations.
      • Move databases to consortium agreements when suitable.
      • Review our book purchases closely.
      • Revise our approval plan, buy what we want, do not receive what we don’t want, get better deal from approval plan company.
    • Other key points:
      • At this time we have usage data on approximately 75% of journals.
      • Committee members expressed the need to produce a list of all journals by subject area with associated cost. This should be made available on the library website and updated frequently.
      • The question was raised: What should subject liaisons have prepared when they go out to departments to talk with faculty about journal renewals/needs? Committee members agreed that usage data and cost breakdowns would be important information to provide. However, other data may be necessary as well.
  3. Reviewed possible dates for next semester meetings. Dates for semester meetings are Jan. 10, Feb. 14, March 20, April 3 and May 8. All meetings are from 2:30 – 3:30 pm in the Dean’s Conference Room.

Submitted by: A. Conti

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February 2006 Minutes

Wayne State University Library

University Library Committee
February 16, 2006


Attendance:  John McGinnity, Chair.  Members:  Janet Hankin,
Marion Jackson, Simon Ng, John Rothchild, Jeff Trzeciak ,Sandy Yee, Dean. 

  1. Minutes from January 19, 2006 meeting were approved.


  1. UGL Task Force Update:  Dean Yee reported on the results of the
    meetings with the UGL Task Force.  The task force was formed at
    the request of Dean Yee in collaboration with Student Council.  To
    date Dean Yee and Associate Dean Trzeciak have met with representatives
    of Student Council to address the issues of noise and cleanliness in
    the UGL.  As a first step, some additional noise reducing ceiling
    tiles have been added to the third floor. 

In addition, a new monitor has been hired to enforce the policy of the
third floor as “silent study only”.  We hope the additional
monitor will reduce the level of noise on the third floor.  The policies
she will be enforcing include:  no eating, no cell phone use and no
group study.  Groups who wish to study on the third floor will be
asked to use group study rooms.

  1. Institutional repository demo:  Matthew Martin, Digital Projects
    Librarian, was invited to attend as a guest.  Matthew provided a
    demo of the libraries’ new Digital Commons platform.  The
    site can be found at  Currently the libraries
    are working with Detroit Public Schools, the College of Fine and Performing
    Arts, and Political Science on demonstration projects. 

Digital Commons allows the libraries and archives to continue our traditional
role as the stewards of the university’s intellectual and cultural
resources by capturing, preserving, promoting, and facilitating access
to the output produced by our students, faculty, researchers and community
The site serves to two purposes: to highlight the intellectual and cultural
output, thereby promoting our institution; and to support easy digital
access, long-term storage, and preservation of these our institutional
output through a single, searchable interface based on the international
standards of open access.
In addition to complementing the traditional methods of scholarly publishing, “The
Research Commons” provides new avenues of disseminating scholarly
materials, thereby not only benefiting the university but also the broader
research community as well. The website will include a variety of file
types (pre-prints, research reports, published articles, conference proceedings,
research data, special lectures, theses, dissertations, performances, masters
projects, field studies, clinical studies, etc.) and file formats (text,
images, datasets, audio and video).
A copy of Matthew’s presentation is attached.

  1. There were no additional announcements or discussion. 


    • Next meeting:  Monday March 20 noon to 1.  Lunch will be
      provided.  The topic:  Web 2.0.
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January 2006 Minutes

Wayne State University Library

University Library Committee

January 19, 2006

Attendance: John McGinnity, chair: Members: Navaz Bhavnagri, Janet Hankin, Marion Jackson, Simon Ng, Kami Pothukuchi,
John Rothchild and Sandy Yee, dean.


A revision was noted on the December 12, 2005 minutes. Marion
Jackson was added to the attendance list.

The Five Year Review Committee, chaired by Dean Phyllis Vroom,
listened to the discussion of ULC regarding the renewal contract of Dean Sandra Yee. An hour long discussion occurred.

Dean Yee joined the ULC meeting updating the committee…

New dates for the ULC meetings. Please mark your calendars.

Thursday, Feb. 16 from 1:30 – 2:30pm (same date)

Monday, March 20 from noon – 1pm. Dean providing lunch.
Please let Jan know (7-4020 or
no later than March 13, if you have special meal needs.

Tuesday, April 25 from 1:30-2:30pm

Thursday, May 11 from 1:30-2:30pm

Location of all meetings: 3100 Undergrad Library, dean’s
conference room.


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December 2005 Minutes

Wayne State University
University Library Committee
December 12, 2005


Attendance:  John McGinnity, Chair; Members: Claude Schochet, James
Sondheimer, Ewa Golebiowska, Simon Ng, John Rothchild, Navaz Bhavnagri,
Marion Jackson, Sandy Yee, Dean and Jeff Trzeciak, Associate Dean

During the approval of the November 8, 2005 meeting minutes there was
some discussion regarding “buy-not-borrow”.  Two suggestions were made
regarding promotion of the service. First, if possible, send notices once the
item has been ordered to indicate its estimated arrival date. Second,
provide more information about inter library loan costs as part of the marketing
campaign to faculty. 

As a result of the Purdy/Kresge recommendations for demolition rather
than renovation, the PK project has been replaced as the top priority on
the list of campus renovation projects.  It has been supplanted by
State Hall and Chemistry.  The Library System Board of Visitors has
a subcommittee working with the Office of University Development to identify
possible sources of funding.

A Student Council task force has been named at Dean Yee’s request
to work with the libraries on the issue of noise in the Undergraduate library.  The
students, who are quite enthusiastic, have met twice with Dean Yee.  The
meetings have included tours and a review of past solutions (sound dampening
tiles).  At their suggestion, security monitors have placed greater emphasis
on enforcing the third floor code of behavior. In addition, Student Council
is investigating the possibility of an article in the South End.

The WSU Libraries are collaborating with other libraries throughout Michigan
to leverage our purchasing power through consortia electronic journal purchases.
Effective January 1, 2006 our journal title count will increase by over 1300 titles.
These increases are a result of the expansion of the two major contracts:

  • Blackwell
    • Current subscription:  274
    • January 1, 2006 subscription: 735
  • Springer (Includes Kluwer)
    • Current subscription:  241
    • January 1, 2006 subscription: Over 1100

Associate Dean Jeff Trzeciak provided a brief overview of the LIBQUAL
results.  The overview is attached.

Future meetings will be held from 1:30-3 on: January 19, February 16,
March 23, April 13, and May 11, 2006.

LIBQUAL Summary December 7, 2005


The survey was sent to all faculty, 2400 undergraduates, 800 graduates,
and 1000 staff (including all library staff).  This year we had 759
responses including 254 undergraduates, 129 graduates, 276 faculty, 31
library staff, 37 staff, and 32 “unidentified”.  In 2003
there were 581 participants and in 2002 there were 610. 


Participants were asked to identify their “minimum”, “desired” and “perceived” scores.  The
lowest “minimum” and “desired” scores were both for; “The printed library materials
I need for my work”; The highest; desired; score was for “Making electronic
resources accessible from my home/office”.

Our users identified the following five items as the most critical:

    • The electronic information resources I need.
    • Employees who instill confidence in users.
    • Quiet space for individual study.
    • A comfortable inviting location.
    • Easy-to-use access tools that allow me to find things on my own.


Participants indicated that our resources, services, and facilities did
not meet their minimum expectations. 

First and second year undergraduates are the most dissatisfied among undergraduates. 

Doctoral students are the most dissatisfied among Graduates.

Full professors are the most satisfied among faculty.  Adjunct faculty
members are the most dissatisfied among faculty.

User Comments


I am very pleased with service provided and the assistance available for my students. The librarians
have helped me post readings on blackboard and
taught students how to use electronic databases, and the results are amazing in terms of students’
abilities to access information.

In general I am very pleased with the library services it is one of the few units on campus that seems to understand that they are first and foremost a
service unit. Congratulations.

The online catalog is excellent, and I am very happy with the remote access allowing me to pull up electronic resources without having to be on campus.

The Library System is doing an excellent job in providing electronic resources,
particularly journals.  Please continue to switch from paper journals
to electronic journal access.

I think the Library is the best thing Wayne State University has going
for it!!!!!!!


I believe the most important concern I have is the ability to access all documentation online without ever having to come to the library. A streamlined online services
for inter library loan and accessing journals without needing special permission or subscriptions would be helpful, in order to do everything from a remote location and not have to drive downtown and go through
the hassle of parking, walking in the dark, etc.

I find it tremendously frustrating to have the library catalog tell me that something is on the shelves and
available for use, only to get to the library to find that not to be true.

PK’s physical surroundings detract from the whole library experience. Temperature, pluming, lighting
and furniture are all problems. Also, an inventory of printed material needs to be done
of printed material needs to be done; too many times "checked in" books are not on the shelves.

Environment (building) is particularly shabby.

Purdy-Kresge needs to be torn down and replaced.

The library staff needs to keep a closer eye on the noise levels in the UGL

The professional librarians generally do the best they can, but the library
is seriously understaffed.  Some non-professional staff could be better
informed and friendlier.

Service Enhancements

Since 2002 the University Libraries have implemented

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November 2005 Minutes

Wayne State University
University Library Committee

November 8, 2005

Attendance:  John McGinnity, Chair; Members: Claude Schochet, James
Sondheimer, Kami Pothukuchi, Janet Hankin
Sandy Yee, Dean and Jeff Trzeciak, Associate Dean

Chair McGinnity opened the meeting with introductions of new and continuing
members.  Several members not in attendance had indicated they could
not attend at this time of the day. An alternate time will be selected
for the December meeting.  Meetings for the remainder of the year
will be scheduled at the December meeting.

Dean Sandy Yee and Associate Dean Jeff Trzeciak discussed the outcomes
of the LIBQUAL survey which was conducted last spring.  The survey
indicated several areas which need further attention in the Libraries.  The
survey, as well as information from library staff, has gone into the development
of four major goals for the libraries this year.  The goals for 2005-2006
Service Excellence
Provide coordinated “Just For You” services that anticipate
and meet the needs as defined by our users.
Excellent and Accessible Resources
Purchase, borrow, license, create or provide access to materials that are
aligned with the needs and requirements of the university community.
Improved Facilities
Provide “learning spaces” that are safe, attractive and welcoming
venues for intellectual and social interactions.
Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
Provide opportunities for the staff to continually develop their skills
in an environment that encourages excellence, accountability, initiative,
and creativity.

Several new initiatives have been introduced by the Libraries this fall.  They
include Librarians on Location and paging of resources.  In addition,
the Libraries have implemented a new “buy not borrow” pilot
for faculty and graduate students whereby we purchase appropriate materials
rather than borrow them. Given the cost of interlibrary loan, this process
proves to be both cost effective and more efficient.    We
are also focusing more on outcomes based assessment of library services
and will be participating in a special program from the Association of
Research Libraries to determine how to develop outcomes based assessment


Dean Jeff Trzeciak discussed how the librarians are working with faculty
to make the accessibility of library resources easier through Blackboard.  He
also explained that we have purchased the Digital Commons software and
will be implementing an institutional repository.  This will allow
faculty to place working papers, pre-prints, or other research materials
in an online repository that can be shared with other researchers.  We
started the repository by depositing full text digital dissertations from
Wayne State.  The repository is available at

is being recommended by the design consultant and the architectural firm
conducting the feasibility study that the Purdy Library be totally renovated
to include the demolition of the main building.  This is due to the
low (seven ft) ceiling heights and the column and bay configuration in
the current facility.  The final report from Pre-design Associates
will be delivered in December.  The Education Commons project at the
SOM (which includes a renovation of the Shiffman Medical Library) has received
a significant donation and plans are moving forward with that project.

was announced that Dean Sandy Yee is in her fifth year of service.  According
to the AAUP/AFT contract, during the dean’s fifth year a review of
the program is to be conducted.  Provost Nancy Barrett has appointed
a review committee chaired by Dean Phyllis Vroom.  The review committee
will conduct meetings with individual groups and will hold a campus wide
open hearing on December 12 from 4p.m. at McGregor Conference

next meeting of the University Library Committee will be on December 12,
at 1:00pm in the UGL Dean’s Conference Room.  The meeting will
adjourn at 2:00pm to join the Library System’s holiday party. 

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June 2004 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
June 24, 2004

Present: J. Langlois, C. Roney, J. Rothchild, C. Schochet, D. Magidson, Chair;
B. Lessin, L. Sutton, S. Yee, staff; R. Schochet, guest.

  1. The minutes of the March 23, 2004 were approved as distributed.
  2. Rivka Schochet of Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone led the Committee
    in planning for the upcoming program on the USA PATRIOT ACT. The Provost and
    Board of Governors endorse the idea of an educational program on this topic.
    The goal is to sponsor a balanced presentation of the issues. Confirmed speakers
    are Jeffrey Collins, U.S. Attorney, and Kary Moss, Executive Director of the
    ACLU of Michigan. Robert Sedler, Law School faculty member, is also willing
    to speak as his schedule permits. Marc Kruman, Director of the Center for
    the Study of Citizenship, has indicated a willingness to co-sponsor the program.
    The focus of the program will be on the academic aspects of the topic, i.e.
    privacy and intellectual freedom concerns of libraries, as well as immigration
    issues affecting students, rather than on criminal issues. A possible agenda
    might include:
    USA PATRIOT ACT and the Academy
    September 28, 2004
    2:00-5:00 pm
    Bernath Auditorium, David Adamany Undergraduate Library
    Overview (Rivka Schochet)
    Speaker One
    Speaker Two
    Speaker Three
    Break (coffee in atrium)
    Panel Questions and Answers (Saul Green, moderator)
    Audience Questions and Answers (Saul Green, moderator)
    Reception in Community Room
    Dean Yee will call together a planning group consisting of R. Schochet, Lou
    Lessem from General Counsel and a representative from the Office of International
    Students and Students to finalize the program by early August.
  3. The next meeting of the University Library Committee will be called as needed.
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March 2004 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
March 23, 2004

Attendees: Members Sue Ellen Bell, Janet Langlois, David Magidson, Raymond Mattingly,
Kami Pothukuchi, Craig Roney, John Rothchild, Claude Schochet. Staff, Sandy
Yee, Dean.

  1. The Feb. 17, 2004 minutes of the University Library Committee were accepted
    as corrected.
  2. The Committee discussed the seminar on the Patriot Act and the Academy
    which will be in September, 2004. Possible dates are September 22nd or 28th,
    depending on the speakers schedules. Speakers include former US Attorney Saul
    Green. The Miller- Canfield Law Firm will contribute funds as will the WSU
    chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. A reception will follow the presentation. Once
    the date is firm additional panel members will be identified and confirmed.
  3. The Dean updated the group on recent activities in the Libraries. The School
    for Scholars seminar for Department Chairs is scheduled for April 1st. Richard
    Jasper and his Resource Services Staff will discuss Library Acquisitions.
    She also mentioned that we are collaborating with the Detroit Public Library
    on the Detroit Reads activity in March and April, culminating during National
    Library Week. The book selected is one which directly relates to the 50th
    anniversary of the Brown vs. the Board of Education decision.

Having no further business, the meeting adjourned early. The next meeting of
the ULC is April 20, at 2pm.

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February 2004 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
Frebruary 17, 2004

Present: J. Langlois, D. Magidson (Chair), J. Rothchild, S. Yee, S. Bell, H.
Cannon, B. Lessin, K. Pothukuchi, C. Schochet

  1. Committee approved the minutes of the January 20, 2004 meeting.
  2. There was discussion concerning a possible program focusing on the Patriot
    Act. Schochet reported that Sol Green had been approached and expressed an
    interest in the program and a willingness to recruit others to participate.
    Names mentioned as possible additions to a panel included Bob Sedler, Kary
    Moss of the ACLU and current US Attorney Jeffrey Collins. Green’s law
    firm may be willing to provide some financial support to underwrite the costs
    of this program. A specific request will have to be prepared when it is feasible
    to do so. Target for this program is now fall, 2004 as the April date is no
    longer workable. (Use of the Bernath Auditorium has been cancelled for that
    date.) Tuesday, September 14, 2004 is one possibility and 11-12:30 was suggested
    as a possible time for the program. These and other planning items will be
    the topic of conversation for the sub-committee.
  3. Elsevier Update. Dean Yee spoke to issues of scholarly communication and
    the trend by academic libraries not to accept the whole Elsevier package.
    Wayne State University Libraries now pick 600 core titles plus up to 1100
    titles total from the full package of 1200 titles. Before purchasing the full
    package, the Libraries purchased about 600 Elsevier titles. We currently have
    a five-year agreement with Elsevier that carries with it a 5% inflation cap
    each year. Dean Yee shared a recent article from the Wall Street Journal about
    Elsevier with members of the committee. She noted that a brochure on scholarly
    communication distributed at the last committee meeting will be given to all
    who were unable to attend that meeting.
  4. School for Scholars. April 1 is the target date for this program that is
    intended to make the acquisition process more understandable for academic
    leaders. No specific time has been set for this program. Richard Jasper, Director
    of Resource Services is the primary speaker. He has already prepared a Powerpoint
    presentation for this event.
  5. III Purchase. Dean Yee provided a brief description of the Innovative Interfaces
    Inc. purchase and how the change in systems will impact library users. She
    also spoke to the intersection of OCLC and Google and some of the challenges
    that the use of Google presents to the library world. Those interested in
    trying Google as a library search engine were directed to use worldcatlibraries;asubjectoftheirchoosing.
    Google will later provide an opportunity to add a zip code so that the user
    can determine if libraries in a chosen area hold books that match a given
    subject or title interest.
  6. Vendor presentations. Dean Yee and B. Lessin responded to a question concerning
    the vendor presentations that took place on Friday, February 13th. These were
    by the finalists for the architectural study of the Purdy/Kresge Library and
    were intended to provide the university with a better understanding of the
    capability to handle the job at hand. An open hearing is scheduled for Thursday,
    Feb. 19th to give those who attended the presentations a chance to share their
    insights with the review panel. A decision as to the vendor of choice is planned
    for Friday, Feb. 20th by the review committee.
  7. H. Cannon is unavailable for the meeting scheduled for March 23, 2004.
  8. Meeting adjourned at 2:53.


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January 2004 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
January 20, 2004

Present: J. Langlois, D. Magidson (Chair), D. Moxley, J. Rothschild, S. Yee.

Absent: S. Bell, H. Cannon, B. Lessin, D. Mattingly, K. Pothukuchi, C. Schochet,
L. Sutton.
Guest: R. Jasper.

Committee approved minutes of the December 10, 2003 meeting

Magidson reported on the Patriot Act Event Subcommittee. Group had not met
as of 1-20-04 but Magidson had contacted folks in Washington, DC regarding possible
speakers. Well-known speakers can usually be available on short notice but they
cost quite a bit of money, usually upwards of $20,000. One suggestion was that
we try to obtain a well-known scholar (e.g., Doris Kearns Goodwin) and build
a panel presentation of local notables (Bob Sedler, Law School; David Bonior,
retired Congressman; Kary Moss, Michigan ACLU) around the speaker. Trying to
do something for April seemed very optimistic; perhaps fall would be a better
time? Funding the program is likely to be tough. It was suggested soliciting
the various deans for $1500 from each school but there was clear recognition
that everyone is strapped for cash. Agreed that ULC should contact the Provost
about approaching the Deans for funding.

R. Jasper, Director, Resource Services, WSULS, presented information regarding
the new contract with Elsevier for ScienceDirect. In exchange for a multi-year
commitment on our part, Elsevier will cap inflation at 5 percent per year. The
new agreement allows us pick and choose what titles we will provide over and
above our core list of about 600 Elsevier titles; Elsevier’s previous
stance was all or nothing, which meant we had to carry many titles that were
low use and high cost.

Next meeting is scheduled for 2-3 p.m. Tuesday, February 17, 2004, in the Dean’s
Conference Room, Undergraduate Library.

Notes by Richard Jasper

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