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February 1999 Minutes


 FEBRUARY 22, 1999

Present: Lowell Wenger (Chair), Richard Slaughter (Co-Chair), Patricia Breivik (Dean), James Moseley, Martin E. Newcomb, Marilyn Oermann, Georgia Reid, Barbara Roseboro, Jim Woodyard, Rita Gupta (Student Representative), Robert Holley (Secretary)

1. Lowell Wenger, Chair, convened the meeting and welcomed Rita Gupta to the Committee as the student representative. The minutes were accepted as distributed.  A request was made later in the meeting to send out the minutes in print format or within the body of an email message rather than as a file attachment.

2. Patricia Breivik went over the budget documents for DALNET that had been distributed to the Committee.  While Wayne State University currently pays more than its fair share according to the cost allocation model, DALNET annual operating costs are still significantly less for Wayne State University than for a stand-alone system. In addition, future member contributions will be allocated to reducing this disparity.  The DALNET marketing effort includes 1/2 FTE of clerical and 1/2 FTE of professional staff in addition to the business advisory board.  DALNET will market its services to public libraries and public schools within the seven county service region.  The main change in
the current DALNET membership was the departure of Oakland University.  In response to the question of how University Libraries would pay back its loan from the University, Patricia Breivik replied that she planned to use salary savings provided that funding became available for other pressing needs such as collection development.

3. After a brief history of efforts to make sure that University Libraries adhered to copyright rules for reserve collections, Patricia Breivik described the current experiment to determine how much effort is needed to obtain copyright permission for photocopies items that remained on reserve for more than one term.  The decision to require faculty to seek copyright permission has been reversed.  University Libraries are also looking into the possibilities for electronic reserves. 
Copyright compliance is especially important right now because the Association of American Publishers has taken an aggressive stand on enforcing copyright in libraries.

4. The Committee continued discussions from the last meeting on general issues of copyright and scholarly communication.  Members reaffirmed that a unified institutional approach would be necessary to have faculty give non-exclusive rights to publishers as is now the case for government employees.  The Committee suggested writing a report for the Provost or the President as a way to begin to take action during the current academic year.  Patricia Breivik will ask Louis Lessem,
General Counsel, for a report on any past copyright issues in his office.  [His response was distributed to ULC members on March 1, 1999.]  Jessica Litman will speak to the group on March 29, 1999.  [She will not be able to attend.]

5. The ULC will be asked to review the Universities Libraries Strategic plan

 ð Bob Holley will find one or two articles on this issue for the next meeting.

6.  The next meeting will take place on February 22 from 1:30-2:30 in the Dean’s Conference Room.

Prepared by Robert P. Holley

February 8, 1999

before its early May due date.  Bob Holley was charged with sending out the plan as soon as possible.

7. In response to a question about media services, Patricia Breivik responded that a campus-side media services plan is being prepared that will include units outside University Libraries such as University Television.  This plan will receive wide review.

8. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 29, 1999 from 1:30-3:30 pm in the Dean’s Conference Room, 3100 Adamany Undergraduate Library.


Prepared by Robert P. Holley
March 22, 1999

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