University Library Committee

October 2000 Minutes

October 23rd, 2000

Wayne State University

University Library Committee

October 23, 2000 Minutes


Present: H. Cannon, A. Goodman, J. Floyd, J. Langlois, J. Moseley, M. ewcomb, G. Reid, C. Roney, R. Holley, L. Sutton

1. R. Holley welcomed all new and returning members of the University Library Committee. Ê Roster was sent around for verification.Ê C. Roney was unanimously elected to the Vice-Chair ö Chair Elect position.

2. Minutes from the May 9, 2000 meeting were approved as amended.

3. 3:00 to 5:00 pm on the third Monday of the month was selected as the most convenient meeting time for this semester.Ê However, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the next meeting is scheduled for December 4, 2000 at 3:00 PM.

4. Highlights from the work of last yearâs Committee were discussed.Ê Scholarly communications has been the focus.Ê A website has been produced and maintained ( as a communication vehicle on this topic.Ê R. Holley recommended the John Sutherland article as particularly useful.

5. Committee representatives have been invited to make a presentation at the November 13 Faculty Senate Policy Committee on scholarly communication issues.Ê After discussion, it was decided to take an informational approach, rather than an action agenda.Ê A. Good offered to attend the meeting with R. Holley and Chair V. Neale.Ê

6. R. Holley announced that as of October 1, faculty no longer accrue fines for regularly circulating overdue items. In addition, graduate students now receive a research length loan period, though they will continue to be fined for overdue materials. The Committee was pleased at this policy change.

Minutes by Lynn Sutton