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March 2001 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
March 19, 2001

Present: H. Cannon, J. Floyd, A. Goodman, M. Newcomb, G. Reid, C. Roney, G.
Shreve, S. Aleti (student), R. Holley, L. Sutton
In the absence of the chair, Vice-Chair C. Roney conducted the meeting.

  1. Minutes of the January 29, 2001 meeting were approved as distributed.
  2. The status of planning for the scholarly communications event was discussed.
    The Provost will work with the new Dean of Libraries on this issue after her
    appointment on May 1. The Committee will hold one final meeting of this academic
    year in early May with the new Dean. The Provost will be invited to attend
    to share his thoughts on the subject.
  3. The Committee was given a briefing on the situation with the journal Nature.
    WSU has joined the overwhelming majority of research libraries in refusing
    to agree to unfavorable terms for electronic licensing of this resource. The
    two main issues are price and a delay in publishing to institutional users.
  4. The Committee discussed the Libraries’ policy on faculty renewals.
    Current policy is to allow three phone or online renewals with a length of
    one term each. Upon the fourth renewal, the faculty member is required to
    bring the item back in to the library before checking it out again. The purpose
    of the policy is to encourage faculty to return books they are not using frequently
    and for inventory control of the collection. The Committee felt that the policy
    was reasonable and voted to support it.
  5. L. Sutton advised that interviews would begin shortly for the position of
    Director of the Purdy/Kresge Library. ULC members whose discipline is supported
    by this library will be invited to a faculty session with each candidate.
  6. The date and time of the May meeting will be announced, depending on the
    schedule of the new Dean and the Provost.
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