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January 2002 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
January 30, 2002

Present: K. Browne, A. Goodman, D. Magidson, R. Mattingly, J. Moseley, C. Poole,
C. Roney, Chair, L. Sutton, S. Yee, L. Johnston, guest.

  1. Minutes of the November 14, 2001 meeting were approved as distributed.
  2. Tentative schedule of future meetings was established:
  • Wednesday, March 20, 2002, 9:00 -11:00 am
  • Wednesday, April 3, 2002 (keep open if needed)
  • Wednesday, April 10, 2002 9:00 – 11 am
  1. Brian Hawkins lecture
    Brian Hawkins, President of Educause, is coming to campus on Friday, April
    5 for several lecture opportunities. Good publicity is needed for any Friday
    program. The Provost requests that the lather letter distribution be timed
    to generate interest in these events. A paragraph on the Public Library of
    Science initiative still needs to be incorporated.

    8:30 Breakfast with president and senior administrators
    11:00 Public lecture in UGL Bernath Auditorium
    12:00 Lunch with University Library Committee in UGL Community Room
    2:00 Possible afternoon session with community, depending on flight schedule

  2. Copyright
    Laura Johnston, from General Counsel, spoke to the committee on the issue
    of negotiating with publishers to retain copyright. Most publishers expect
    to acquire the rights of copyright when they accept works for publication.
    The University leaves it to individual faculty members to keep or give away
    their copyright. The Committee has suggested providing a form for faculty
    to use to keep some or all rights of copyright. Ms. Johnston presented the
    first draft of such a form. Based on feedback, she will seek additional examples
    of forms and present a revised version at a future meeting.
  3. Library consolidation
    Dean Yee led a discussion and update on plans toward a possible consolidation
    of campus libraries. She is in the process of working with Facilities Planning
    and Management to involve architects in a planning study. The Committee asked
    how they could help in this process. Dean Yee asked that they seek input from
    faculty in their units and bring it back to the Committee.
  4. Chair-elect
    This item was tabled until the next meeting.

Minutes by: L. Sutton

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