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December 2002 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
December 4, 2002

Present: S. Bell, J. Langlois, D. Magidson, R. Mattingly, C. Poole
B. Lessin, L. Sutton, S. Yee, L. Johnston, guest

  1. Dean Yee welcomed the new and returning members of the University Library
    Committee. In the absence of Chair A.Goodman, Dean Yee facilitated the meeting.
    Minutes of the May 15, 2002 meeting were accepted as distributed. The Committee
    roster was circulated for corrections and additions. The meeting schedule
    for 2003 was tentatively set, awaiting confirmation from members not in attendance:
  • Wednesday, January 22, 10:30 am -12:00
  • Wednesday, February 26, 10:30 am – 12:00
  • Wednesday, April 9, 10:30-12:00
  1. Last year, with the help of L. Johnston from the Office of General Counsel,
    the Committee created language on a document offering faculty a suggested
    alternative copyright agreement with publishers. The question now before the
    Committee is how to promote this alternative with faculty. A recommendation
    was made for A. Goodman to take this document to the Academic Senate and AAUP-AFT
    as an informational item. Dean Yee offered to take the matter to the Association
    of College and Research Libraries for possible collaboration with the national
    office of the AAUP. Dean Yee will also put this matter before new faculty
    at each year’s New Faculty Orientation. Committee members pledged to
    raise this issue at college and department level faculty meetings.
  2. B. Lessin gave a brief presentation on the library’s experience with
    LibQUAL, a national library service quality assessment tool in which the library
    system participated last year. Library users were asked to assess expected
    and perceived quality of library services. Preliminary results were shared
    with the Committee and a more in-depth presentation will be given at the January
  3. Dean Yee reported on progress with the University Libraries Strategic Directions.
    Text will be finalized in December and presented at the Committee’s
    January meeting.The TEACH Act is an issue of concern to faculty. TEACH updates
    the distance education provisions of the Copyright Act to meet the challenges
    of the networked environment. A university-level Committee has been formed
    to address the implications for Wayne State University. B. Lessin and E. Marks,
    Director of the Shiffman Library, represent the University Libraries in this
  4. The USA PATRIOT Act and its implications for libraries is the subject of
    a national teleconference, being hosted locally by the WSU Libraries on December
    11. Libraries are concerned about loss of confidentiality of library records
    at the hands of government agencies.

Notes by: L. Sutton

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