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December 2003 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
December 10, 2003

Present: S.E. Bell, H. Cannon, D. Mattingly, K. Pothukuchi, J. Rothchild,
C. Schochet, D. Magidson, Chair, Staff: B. Lessin, L. Sutton, S. Yee,
Absent: J. Langlois, D. Moxley, C. Roney, G. Shreve

The meeting was called to order by Dean S. Yee, who facilitated the meeting
until the arrival of the Chair. Dean Yee welcomed K. Pothukuchi and J. Rothchild
to their first meeting.

The minutes of the November 19 meeting were approved. The Committee’s
listserv is now working:
The web page has been updated with the 2003-2004 membership:
Membership meetings were set for the winter term: January 20, February 17. March
23, April 20. All meetings will take place from 2:00 – 3:00 pm.

The Committee brainstormed ideas for a half day workshop in April on the USA
PATRIOT Act. C. Schochet suggested that Phi Beta Kappa might be willing to co-sponsor
and a law firm such as Miller, Canfield might be interested in contributing.
H. Cannon suggested that the workshop be webcast with streaming video. A number
of names were suggested as possibilities: Jackie Washington, WSU Board of Governors;
David Bonior, CULMA; Ann Beeson, ACLU; Saul Green, former U.S. Attorney; and
Robert Sedler, WSU Law School. D. Magidson suggested someone with “big
name” appeal. Overall, a recommended approach was to focus on how the
PATRIOT Act affects the university. A suggested title is “The USA PATRIOT
Act and Academic Freedom.” The program could include one neutral speaker,
whose role would be to inform the audience on the issues, one speaker who points
out why we need the Act, and one speaker who points out why it is dangerous.
A question and answer session by the audience is also desirable. A subcommittee
consisting of D. Magidson, K. Pothukuchi and C. Shochet will work on putting
a program together.

The next meeting of the Committee will take place on Tuesday, January 20 from
2:00 – 3:00 pm.

Minutes by: L. Sutton

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