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January 2004 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
January 20, 2004

Present: J. Langlois, D. Magidson (Chair), D. Moxley, J. Rothschild, S. Yee.

Absent: S. Bell, H. Cannon, B. Lessin, D. Mattingly, K. Pothukuchi, C. Schochet,
L. Sutton.
Guest: R. Jasper.

Committee approved minutes of the December 10, 2003 meeting

Magidson reported on the Patriot Act Event Subcommittee. Group had not met
as of 1-20-04 but Magidson had contacted folks in Washington, DC regarding possible
speakers. Well-known speakers can usually be available on short notice but they
cost quite a bit of money, usually upwards of $20,000. One suggestion was that
we try to obtain a well-known scholar (e.g., Doris Kearns Goodwin) and build
a panel presentation of local notables (Bob Sedler, Law School; David Bonior,
retired Congressman; Kary Moss, Michigan ACLU) around the speaker. Trying to
do something for April seemed very optimistic; perhaps fall would be a better
time? Funding the program is likely to be tough. It was suggested soliciting
the various deans for $1500 from each school but there was clear recognition
that everyone is strapped for cash. Agreed that ULC should contact the Provost
about approaching the Deans for funding.

R. Jasper, Director, Resource Services, WSULS, presented information regarding
the new contract with Elsevier for ScienceDirect. In exchange for a multi-year
commitment on our part, Elsevier will cap inflation at 5 percent per year. The
new agreement allows us pick and choose what titles we will provide over and
above our core list of about 600 Elsevier titles; Elsevier’s previous
stance was all or nothing, which meant we had to carry many titles that were
low use and high cost.

Next meeting is scheduled for 2-3 p.m. Tuesday, February 17, 2004, in the Dean’s
Conference Room, Undergraduate Library.

Notes by Richard Jasper

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