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February 2004 Minutes

University Library Committee Minutes
Frebruary 17, 2004

Present: J. Langlois, D. Magidson (Chair), J. Rothchild, S. Yee, S. Bell, H.
Cannon, B. Lessin, K. Pothukuchi, C. Schochet

  1. Committee approved the minutes of the January 20, 2004 meeting.
  2. There was discussion concerning a possible program focusing on the Patriot
    Act. Schochet reported that Sol Green had been approached and expressed an
    interest in the program and a willingness to recruit others to participate.
    Names mentioned as possible additions to a panel included Bob Sedler, Kary
    Moss of the ACLU and current US Attorney Jeffrey Collins. Green’s law
    firm may be willing to provide some financial support to underwrite the costs
    of this program. A specific request will have to be prepared when it is feasible
    to do so. Target for this program is now fall, 2004 as the April date is no
    longer workable. (Use of the Bernath Auditorium has been cancelled for that
    date.) Tuesday, September 14, 2004 is one possibility and 11-12:30 was suggested
    as a possible time for the program. These and other planning items will be
    the topic of conversation for the sub-committee.
  3. Elsevier Update. Dean Yee spoke to issues of scholarly communication and
    the trend by academic libraries not to accept the whole Elsevier package.
    Wayne State University Libraries now pick 600 core titles plus up to 1100
    titles total from the full package of 1200 titles. Before purchasing the full
    package, the Libraries purchased about 600 Elsevier titles. We currently have
    a five-year agreement with Elsevier that carries with it a 5% inflation cap
    each year. Dean Yee shared a recent article from the Wall Street Journal about
    Elsevier with members of the committee. She noted that a brochure on scholarly
    communication distributed at the last committee meeting will be given to all
    who were unable to attend that meeting.
  4. School for Scholars. April 1 is the target date for this program that is
    intended to make the acquisition process more understandable for academic
    leaders. No specific time has been set for this program. Richard Jasper, Director
    of Resource Services is the primary speaker. He has already prepared a Powerpoint
    presentation for this event.
  5. III Purchase. Dean Yee provided a brief description of the Innovative Interfaces
    Inc. purchase and how the change in systems will impact library users. She
    also spoke to the intersection of OCLC and Google and some of the challenges
    that the use of Google presents to the library world. Those interested in
    trying Google as a library search engine were directed to use worldcatlibraries;asubjectoftheirchoosing.
    Google will later provide an opportunity to add a zip code so that the user
    can determine if libraries in a chosen area hold books that match a given
    subject or title interest.
  6. Vendor presentations. Dean Yee and B. Lessin responded to a question concerning
    the vendor presentations that took place on Friday, February 13th. These were
    by the finalists for the architectural study of the Purdy/Kresge Library and
    were intended to provide the university with a better understanding of the
    capability to handle the job at hand. An open hearing is scheduled for Thursday,
    Feb. 19th to give those who attended the presentations a chance to share their
    insights with the review panel. A decision as to the vendor of choice is planned
    for Friday, Feb. 20th by the review committee.
  7. H. Cannon is unavailable for the meeting scheduled for March 23, 2004.
  8. Meeting adjourned at 2:53.


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