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December 2005 Minutes

Wayne State University
University Library Committee
December 12, 2005


Attendance:  John McGinnity, Chair; Members: Claude Schochet, James
Sondheimer, Ewa Golebiowska, Simon Ng, John Rothchild, Navaz Bhavnagri,
Marion Jackson, Sandy Yee, Dean and Jeff Trzeciak, Associate Dean

During the approval of the November 8, 2005 meeting minutes there was
some discussion regarding “buy-not-borrow”.  Two suggestions were made
regarding promotion of the service. First, if possible, send notices once the
item has been ordered to indicate its estimated arrival date. Second,
provide more information about inter library loan costs as part of the marketing
campaign to faculty. 

As a result of the Purdy/Kresge recommendations for demolition rather
than renovation, the PK project has been replaced as the top priority on
the list of campus renovation projects.  It has been supplanted by
State Hall and Chemistry.  The Library System Board of Visitors has
a subcommittee working with the Office of University Development to identify
possible sources of funding.

A Student Council task force has been named at Dean Yee’s request
to work with the libraries on the issue of noise in the Undergraduate library.  The
students, who are quite enthusiastic, have met twice with Dean Yee.  The
meetings have included tours and a review of past solutions (sound dampening
tiles).  At their suggestion, security monitors have placed greater emphasis
on enforcing the third floor code of behavior. In addition, Student Council
is investigating the possibility of an article in the South End.

The WSU Libraries are collaborating with other libraries throughout Michigan
to leverage our purchasing power through consortia electronic journal purchases.
Effective January 1, 2006 our journal title count will increase by over 1300 titles.
These increases are a result of the expansion of the two major contracts:

  • Blackwell
    • Current subscription:  274
    • January 1, 2006 subscription: 735
  • Springer (Includes Kluwer)
    • Current subscription:  241
    • January 1, 2006 subscription: Over 1100

Associate Dean Jeff Trzeciak provided a brief overview of the LIBQUAL
results.  The overview is attached.

Future meetings will be held from 1:30-3 on: January 19, February 16,
March 23, April 13, and May 11, 2006.

LIBQUAL Summary December 7, 2005


The survey was sent to all faculty, 2400 undergraduates, 800 graduates,
and 1000 staff (including all library staff).  This year we had 759
responses including 254 undergraduates, 129 graduates, 276 faculty, 31
library staff, 37 staff, and 32 “unidentified”.  In 2003
there were 581 participants and in 2002 there were 610. 


Participants were asked to identify their “minimum”, “desired” and “perceived” scores.  The
lowest “minimum” and “desired” scores were both for; “The printed library materials
I need for my work”; The highest; desired; score was for “Making electronic
resources accessible from my home/office”.

Our users identified the following five items as the most critical:

    • The electronic information resources I need.
    • Employees who instill confidence in users.
    • Quiet space for individual study.
    • A comfortable inviting location.
    • Easy-to-use access tools that allow me to find things on my own.


Participants indicated that our resources, services, and facilities did
not meet their minimum expectations. 

First and second year undergraduates are the most dissatisfied among undergraduates. 

Doctoral students are the most dissatisfied among Graduates.

Full professors are the most satisfied among faculty.  Adjunct faculty
members are the most dissatisfied among faculty.

User Comments


I am very pleased with service provided and the assistance available for my students. The librarians
have helped me post readings on blackboard and
taught students how to use electronic databases, and the results are amazing in terms of students’
abilities to access information.

In general I am very pleased with the library services it is one of the few units on campus that seems to understand that they are first and foremost a
service unit. Congratulations.

The online catalog is excellent, and I am very happy with the remote access allowing me to pull up electronic resources without having to be on campus.

The Library System is doing an excellent job in providing electronic resources,
particularly journals.  Please continue to switch from paper journals
to electronic journal access.

I think the Library is the best thing Wayne State University has going
for it!!!!!!!


I believe the most important concern I have is the ability to access all documentation online without ever having to come to the library. A streamlined online services
for inter library loan and accessing journals without needing special permission or subscriptions would be helpful, in order to do everything from a remote location and not have to drive downtown and go through
the hassle of parking, walking in the dark, etc.

I find it tremendously frustrating to have the library catalog tell me that something is on the shelves and
available for use, only to get to the library to find that not to be true.

PK’s physical surroundings detract from the whole library experience. Temperature, pluming, lighting
and furniture are all problems. Also, an inventory of printed material needs to be done
of printed material needs to be done; too many times "checked in" books are not on the shelves.

Environment (building) is particularly shabby.

Purdy-Kresge needs to be torn down and replaced.

The library staff needs to keep a closer eye on the noise levels in the UGL

The professional librarians generally do the best they can, but the library
is seriously understaffed.  Some non-professional staff could be better
informed and friendlier.

Service Enhancements

Since 2002 the University Libraries have implemented

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