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February 2006 Minutes

Wayne State University Library

University Library Committee
February 16, 2006


Attendance:  John McGinnity, Chair.  Members:  Janet Hankin,
Marion Jackson, Simon Ng, John Rothchild, Jeff Trzeciak ,Sandy Yee, Dean. 

  1. Minutes from January 19, 2006 meeting were approved.


  1. UGL Task Force Update:  Dean Yee reported on the results of the
    meetings with the UGL Task Force.  The task force was formed at
    the request of Dean Yee in collaboration with Student Council.  To
    date Dean Yee and Associate Dean Trzeciak have met with representatives
    of Student Council to address the issues of noise and cleanliness in
    the UGL.  As a first step, some additional noise reducing ceiling
    tiles have been added to the third floor. 

In addition, a new monitor has been hired to enforce the policy of the
third floor as “silent study only”.  We hope the additional
monitor will reduce the level of noise on the third floor.  The policies
she will be enforcing include:  no eating, no cell phone use and no
group study.  Groups who wish to study on the third floor will be
asked to use group study rooms.

  1. Institutional repository demo:  Matthew Martin, Digital Projects
    Librarian, was invited to attend as a guest.  Matthew provided a
    demo of the libraries’ new Digital Commons platform.  The
    site can be found at  Currently the libraries
    are working with Detroit Public Schools, the College of Fine and Performing
    Arts, and Political Science on demonstration projects. 

Digital Commons allows the libraries and archives to continue our traditional
role as the stewards of the university’s intellectual and cultural
resources by capturing, preserving, promoting, and facilitating access
to the output produced by our students, faculty, researchers and community
The site serves to two purposes: to highlight the intellectual and cultural
output, thereby promoting our institution; and to support easy digital
access, long-term storage, and preservation of these our institutional
output through a single, searchable interface based on the international
standards of open access.
In addition to complementing the traditional methods of scholarly publishing, “The
Research Commons” provides new avenues of disseminating scholarly
materials, thereby not only benefiting the university but also the broader
research community as well. The website will include a variety of file
types (pre-prints, research reports, published articles, conference proceedings,
research data, special lectures, theses, dissertations, performances, masters
projects, field studies, clinical studies, etc.) and file formats (text,
images, datasets, audio and video).
A copy of Matthew’s presentation is attached.

  1. There were no additional announcements or discussion. 


    • Next meeting:  Monday March 20 noon to 1.  Lunch will be
      provided.  The topic:  Web 2.0.
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