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Copyright and intellectual property
present new challenges to authors, publishers, artists, librarians and others involved with the creation to consumption media and information production chain. The University Library Committee has reviewed and recommends several publications that explore various aspects of these important issues:

  • “Who Owns John Sutherland?” by John Sutherland London
    Review of Books
    Vol 21, No 1, 7 January 1999.  (Full Text) Freelance writer and journalist, John Sutherland, discusses copyright and what he considers as thievery of his profits by journal publishers, who republish his writings in electronic formats without his permission, and don’t give him an additional monetary compensation.

  • Kansas Board of Regents Statement on Intellectual
    Property 11/19/98 (Full
    ) Section 3 (c) sets forth a policy for a limited license of
    copyright for electronic manuscripts, based on the determination of the Board and the creation of an electronic archive by national governmental or non-profit groups.
  • ARL statements on copyrights and intellectual property,
    co-sponsored by University of Maryland University College (Full Text)
  • IEEE Copyright & Trademark Policies/ Guidelines
    (Full Text)
  • “Moving With Dispatch To Resolve The Scholarly Communication
    Crisis: From Here To NEAR” by David Shulenburger, Provost, University
    of Kansas, from ARL Symposium, October, 1998 (Full
  • “Intellectual Property: Who Should Own Scientific
    Papers?” by Steven Bachrach, R. Stephen Berry, Martin Blume, et. al.
    (Full Text)
  • “Copyright & Fair Use” by Stanford University
    Libraries (Full Text)
  • “A Provost Challenges His Faculty to Keep Copyright
    on Journal Articles” Lisa Guernsey (Full Text)
  • “Confronting the Challenges of the Digital Era,”
    proceedings of the 133rd meeting, ARL, October 1998 (Full Text)