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Library Software Submission Form

Software Support Contact, if different from above: please specify a primary contact person to whom problems and questions can be directed; this information will be made available to consulting staff and users of this software.

Computers are updated once a semester. Please submit your software at least four weeks before a new semester begins


How many licenses are available?

Where do you want this software available?

Period of time this software is to be available: Unless specified all software expires at the end of the current term.

Does the software need to be updated for next semester?

What other software does this software require?

Can this software be put on the network?

Will documentation be available at the library location?

What hardware does this software require?

Ownership Affidavit:
I understand that in placing this software in the WSU Libraries, it is not in violation of any copyright laws. I am not placing more copies in this site than my department and I have purchased or legally acquired. I am allowing up to four weeks for evaluation and deployment starting from the time that the software and this form has been submitted with the understanding that software may not be acceptable for deployment. In addition, the libraries are not responsible for the return of any software disks submitted nor any manuals that I may place at the site.