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Standards of Behavior

WSULS Standards of Behavior apply to David Adamany Undergraduate Library, Purdy/Kresge Library, Arthur Neef Law Library, and Science & Engineering Library.


  • Library users are expected to keep noise levels at a minimum in all areas and collaboration must be quiet.
  • Silent study is strictly enforced on the Undergraduate Library, 3rd floor. No group study is allowed. A group constitutes 2 or more individuals.
  • Sounds from audio-visual devices, including computers, must be restricted to user headphones and be inaudible to other patrons. Private listening areas and headphones are available in the Digital and Multimedia Center.
  • Headphones are not allowed on the 3rd floor of the Undergraduate Library, where listening to any audio is prohibited.
  • Users agree to provide Onecards to authorized library employees upon request. OneCards are the property of WSU as noted on the backside and in OneCard Terms and Conditions.


Computer Use

  • Computer equipment, (or other library materials) may not be altered, moved, unplugged, damaged or defaced.
  • Software may not be installed on any computer, including those downloaded from the Internet.
  • Users are prohibited from sharing Access IDs/passwords. All users are expected to comply with the University's acceptable use guidelines.

Facility Use

  • All users must adhere to posted library rules and signage.
  • Collaborative study rooms are for groups, not individuals.
  • Only animals trained to assist the handicapped are permitted.
  • Only 2 users at a study carrel at one time.
  • Flyers and postings will be allowed on bulletin boards only. Do not post on doors, walls or windows. Inappropriate postings will be removed by library staff.
  • Shirts and shoes are required.
  • Bathing, laundering in restrooms is prohibited.
  • Soliciting including panhandling or gathering petition signatures within the libraries is prohibited. Violators will be asked to leave the premises or reported to Public Safety.
  • Bike racks are located outside the buildings and bikes are not allowed in university libraries.
  • Restrooms identified as gender specific are intended for the use by that specific gender only.


  • OneCard or other picture ID is necessary to enter the library after 6pm. WSU affilates are expected to carry their OneCard at all times on campus.
  • No skateboards, rollerblades, or other recreational wheeled equipment may be used in the library.
  • Disorderly conduct is prohibited, and violators will be ejected from the library.
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco use are prohibited on the premises, and any individuals under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be removed.
    • Smoking in the Libraries

      The University Smoke-free Campus Policy strictly prohibits smoking of any kind in any University facility. In accordance with the advice given by the Office of the General Council under section 2.1 of the University “Smoke-Free Campus Policy (Second Release)”* e-cigarettes are considered a “lighted smoking device” and therefore prohibited from use in any University facility, including any library.

  • Sexual activity is prohibited and will be reported to Public Safety.

See also the WSULS Safety & Security Policies and Procedures Manual.