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Policy on Posting Flyers, Posters and Donation Boxes in the Libraries

The primary focus of the Wayne State University Library System is to stimulate the development of exceptional research and scholarship at Wayne State. As heavily utilized campus facilities, it is recognized that the University Libraries are particularly attractive locations for the promotion of events and services offered by other groups on campus. In the spirit of campus community partnership and to facilitate the dissemination of information to library users, the libraries support the promotion of non-library events and services of direct interest to the campus community, provided that the promotions do not interfere with library operations and the scholarly environment of an academic library and that they are displayed only in designated locations throughout the University Libraries.

In the interest of the environment, the Library urges campus and community groups to consider non-paper promotion alternatives. The bulk of promotional paper materials strewn throughout the Library end up in recycle bins before being read. Please consider the environment when deciding printing volume and distribution strategy.

Guidelines for Posting Fliers and Small Posters (11x 17 and under)

  1. Campus and community groups are welcome to post handouts and small posters in designated areas. Signs placed anywhere else in the libraries will be removed.
    • UGL: Bulletin boards located on the first floor by stairs and in break area. Second floor: bulletin board in hallway on the way to the bathroom.
    • Purdy/Kresge: The bulletin board just to the right of the entrance gates
    • Science and Engineering Library: Bulletin board in front lobby
  2. Materials posted on the bulletin boards must be no larger than 11x17.
  3. Materials must have the date that the item was posted written in the top right hand corner of the paper.
  4. Materials may be posted up to 3 weeks prior to the date of the event being advertised. For non-events, materials may be posted for a maximum of 3 weeks.
  5. The Library is not responsible for the content of materials produced by other campus and community groups.
  6. The Library reserves the right to remove and dispose of expired materials, as well as materials deemed potentially offensive.
  7. Brochures, handouts and flyers may not be placed on study tables, carrels, stacks, or in any other location in the library or lobby unless specifically designated as a public distribution point. Materials may NOT be taped to windows, doors, walls, etc.
  8. Brochures, handouts and flyers may not be handed to patrons in the library or at library entrances.

Guidelines for Displaying Posters

It is the policy of the Wayne State University Libraries that all posters and banners be limited to library function only. Special consideration will be given to universitywide initiatives and presidential events. Examples of these types of events include the FOCIS conference, campuswide software upgrades, DOSO Black History Month calendars of events, etc. Please keep in mind that "open to everyone on campus" does not necessarily mean that an event is a universitywide initiative. Permissions for events that meet the proper criteria will be granted only by the Dean of Libraries or the Dean's representative.

  1. Groups that are holding events in the UGL auditorium or Kresge Auditorium may put up a sign on the day of the event to direct people to their event. Groups must alert circulation desk that they will be putting a sign up for an event and provide their own easel. Signs must be removed after the conclusion of the event.
  2. Any unauthorized signs will be removed and discarded.

Library Sign Holders

Posters and flyers may not be deposited in library sign holders. Unauthorized placement of non-library materials interferes with the library's ability to communicate operational information to library users. The removal of ill-fitting signs places additional administrative burden on the library and can result in damage to the sign holders. The sponsor of the unauthorized display material may be held responsible for the costs of removal.

Donation Boxes

Due to space and security limitations, the Wayne State University Libraries must limit requests to place donation collection boxes and bins in any of the library buildings. Only university-wide initiatives, presidential requests and special library-sponsored events will be considered. All requests must be approved by the dean.

Instead of the Library, the Student Center is recommended as the venue for these types of efforts on campus. If you’re a student group or university department, please contact Jessica Beesley at with the name of your organization, the organization that the box will benefit, the types of items that your group is collecting and how long that you wish want to leave the box at the Student Center.

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