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Explosions can be due to bombs, gas line leaks, or other causes.

Emergency Response

  • If there is an explosion in your area, immediately call Public Safety, 7-2222.
  • If the building phone system is not operational, use a cellular phone if available, or call Public Safety from another building.
  • Keep everyone away from broken windows. Debris can fly in from outside.
  • Do not use matches, candles, cigarette lighters or other open flame devices during or after the explosion because of possible gas line leaks.

Care of Injured

  • Remove the "walking wounded" to a safe location if it is possible to do so.
  • Do not move severely injured persons unless they are in danger of receiving further injury.
  • Apply first aid as necessary and as you are able.


  • Persons on first floor should evacuate if possible through the areas of the building least affected by the explosion.
  • Persons on levels above the first floor should wait for help from Public Safety and Fire Department. Evacuation should only be attempted if life threatening situations exist (i.e. fire, gas leak, more explosions, etc.)
  • Do not use elevators to evacuate, as structural damage may have occurred.
  • Do not evacuate unless smoke or other life threatening conditions are present. Stairwells could have structural damage.