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Monitor/Cadet Program

The Monitor Program has been in place since 2001. This program was substantially expanded at the beginning of the 2008/09 academic year. The Monitor program has proven to be one of our most effective security measures. Currently, we have approximately 200 hours per week of Monitor coverage, in addition to 80 hours a week of Cadet coverage spread across the five libraries. These programs are in addition to the security services provided by WSU Public Safety.

Most of ouronitor staff typically has previous police or security related training and/or experience. For instance, five of our Monitors are retired Detroit Police Offices with an average of 25 years on the job, two of our Monitors have extensive security experience with the Detroit Public School system. The Monitors are provided with uniforms that clearly identify them as WSUL Monitors along with radio equipment that allows them to communicate directly with WSU Public Safety at a moment’s notice. In addition to the police radios, monitors are in constant contact with the Access Desks of the Undergraduate, Science & Engineering, Purdy/Kresge, and Shiffman Mazurek Libraries via radios that are also provided.

Cadets also have some security related training. Typically they are Criminal Justice majors hired directly by Public Safety. Cadets receive intensive one week training from Public Safety. Cadets wear blue uniforms and can be seen patrolling throughout the campus, and and are in constant contact with Public Safety via police radio.

Library security personnel perform many duties to ensure your safety.


When do I call Public Safety? Anytime you feel unsafe or witness a crime, or potential crime, in progress. You can use your cell phone or any beige campus phone and dial Public Safety at 577-2222.

When do I call Library Monitor? If you believe you have a reason to contact a Monitor please go to the Circulation desk of the library you are in and they will contact a Monitor for you. You can call a Monitor if:

  • You feel any of the library rules and policies are being broken:
    • No food in designated areas
    • Another patron is talking to loud on their cell phone
    • You notice suspicious activity either at another computer or on any part of the building
    • You have a dispute with another person about library resources

For more information about the library's security efforts, please contact Mike Hawthorne.